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Marketing Holidays (00:49)


Sunvil Travel Managing Director Noel Josephides states that the four companies dominating the travel industry in the United Kingdom are large enterprises. These businesses make it hard for smaller tourism firms to compete.

First Choice (03:56)

First Choice Head of Marketing Adam Jones explains that "all-inclusive" means all food and drinks are provided. There are different requirements for older generations verses a young family on vacation. Safety and cleanliness are top priorities for customers planning a vacation.

Sunvil Travel (02:20)

Josephides states that Sunvil has to create a niche which will separate them from larger companies. Operations Manager Chris Wright says that the two main areas the company features are Cypress and Greece; the company stays away from bigger islands.

Holiday Prices (05:27)

Travel Editor Simon Calder explains how travel companies can give big discounts. He believes the prices in holiday brochures are meaningless figures. On a global scale, the United Kingdom travel industry is the most competitive.

Promotion and Advertising (02:38)

Promotion and advertising are a large part of the brochure. Jones warns that marketing can be skewed and must be carefully designed. Catalogs give information on destinations and allow customers to score things like "the nightlife."

Poster & Press (01:33)

Jones states that one of the most successful campaigns was a B.O.G.O.F. marketing plan. TV holiday programs air documentaries on the British Broadcasting Corporation that provide invaluable free advertising. The shows appear independently produced.

TV Holiday Programs (02:08)

Director for Tourism Concern Patricia Barnett states "BBC Holiday" promotes vacation destinations that are not always upfront in their productions. She claims they are guided by a single point of reference. The key to successful advertising in the travel market is targeting.

The Place (04:52)

Some people like to book their holiday travel in person. Today, travel agents are trying to be more user-friendly. Vacation businesses are under pressure due to internet and phone bookings.

The Big Four: Does Bigger Mean Better? (01:52)

Simon Calder has been in the travel industry for years and has seen many transformations. Barnett believes the four big companies do not control the whole of the market, but they are influential. Large travel companies own airplanes.

All-inclusives (06:10)

The all-inclusive concept started to keep wealthy holiday makers in exotic locations without encountering the homeless and crippled beggars. Josephides believes Cypress is one of the safest places in the world. Beneficial tourism spreads the wealth.

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