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An Ecuadorian Case Study (02:49)


The rain forest is sometimes called the lungs of the Earth, because they help soak up carbon dioxide. Rain forests are dwindling worldwide. South America is home to the world's largest area of tropical rain forests.

Ecotourism: A Question of Survival (03:01)

Santa Lucia is located in the Cloud Forest on the western slope of the Andes Mountains. This area is one of the top ten most threatened areas on the planet. Paulina Tapia recalls the impact environmental laws had on tree cutting.

What is Ecotourism? (02:26)

The majority of the money made from tourism does reach the local people. Diego Andrade Ubidia explains what ecotourism means to Ecuador; he views it as a tool to save the country.

Changing Minds (01:59)

"Pancho" explains how difficult it has been to get community members on board with his conservation ideas. Before the tourism industry boom, he was a hunter. He viewed Santa Lucia as an organization that only cut down trees.

Educating Themselves (04:09)

The first task of the ecotourism plan was building a lodge where tourists would stay. The structure was built with local resources. The people of Santa Lucia learned new skills like being tourist guides.

Marketing (06:01)

Ecotourism is a competitive business. Farmers unable to read and write had to learn to be internet wise. Volunteer Mariah Levison believes the community did a great job laying the foundation for the lodge and trails.

Ecotourism: Dream or Reality? (02:44)

Ecotourism is a model for sustainable development that uses the planet without destroying it. Achieving sustainability depends on people who can think ahead of the masses. Fiona Perez believes Santa Lucia has a fantastic rain forest.

Credit: The Struggle for Sustainable Tourism (00:09)

Credit: The Struggle for Sustainable Tourism

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The Struggle for Sustainable Tourism

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Presenting a case study of tourism in Santa Lucia, a community on the slopes of the Andes mountains, this program examines the business of ecotourism and discusses if ecotourism is a model for sustainable tourism.

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