Segments in this Video

Carla's Little Secret (06:25)


Carla White is the senior systems consultant at Logical Friends; troubleshooting is favorite part. Carla has switched from a direct technical role to staff management.

Alison: too Much Caring? (08:38)

Alison is a personal assistant for Stephen Maynard at the Blakeway company; she worked in the invoicing department prior to switching roles. Maynard explains why he chose her as is assistant; hiring from within is good for morale. Alison recalls a mistake she made.

Joe's Leaving Soon (05:29)

Joe works for Blakeway making printed circuit boards. He performs his job to receive a paycheck and has a problem with authority. Joe has had disciplinary problems within the company.

Imran: Everything's Fine (09:09)

Imran works on the sales team at Logical Friends. His role is to bring in new business for the company. He has an analytical mind and an education in computer science.

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