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The Data Protection Act 1998 (01:44)


When storing details about customers, employees, and stakeholders, it is important to keep information private. Ruth Neil of Stone Joseph Solicitors states the company has to keep it safe and is not allowed to give it away without the employee’s permission.

Implications For Businesses (02:31)

Ruth Neil explains that the fine amount for an employer who gives out personal data without consent depends on how big the company is. Encrypting records can be expensive. Medical records and school records are protected under the law.

Data Protection At Work Case Study (05:51)

Companies are expected to keep accurate data on employees, but not to keep personal information on employees longer than necessary. There is some data that the employee is not allowed to see. Rosie Marshall was concerned about what documents were in her employee file.

The Information Commissioner (11:32)

UK Deputy Commissioner David Smith states that subject access is the right to see what is in your employee file. He also notes that it is a criminal offense for a company to not follow an enforcement notice.

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What is meant by data protection? Why is it important? What does it mean to an employee? This program examines privacy issues in work and personnel records.

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