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The Internet Entrepreneur: Glasses Direct (03:18)


James Murray Wells is the boss of a multi-million dollar company. He created a website that changed how people in the United Kingdom purchase eyeglasses.

Happy Customers? (03:13)

Wells states that the company has not received any complaints from the public. Glasses Direct has a low returns rate; all glasses are made to fit a universal size.

Getting Off the Ground (03:38)

Wells started his business at hom, where people worked in the kitchen, before moving into an office space. He feels fortunate to have his family's full support.

The Website Designers: Futurate (03:02)

Directors Jonathan Grove and Gill Osguthorpe established Futurate in 2000. Grove's motivation was to do more interesting work. Osguthorpe performs detail work.

Getting in the Business (05:00)

The majority of Futurate's clients are in the public sector and funded by public money. Creating a proposal is a three stage process that includes an in-depth questionnaire.

Small Business Stretches You! (05:47)

Grove learned that running a small business is challenging; it is difficult for one person to run a business. Outsourcing specific duties like bookkeeping is an option for entrepreneurs.

Foneoptions UK (02:33)

In 2003, brothers Francis and Lawrence Osei started a phone upgrade business in their father's house before expanding to a call center. Employees talk to contract customers

Why Start a Business? (04:06)

The Osei brothers started a previous company in Ghana. Francis reflects on owning a business versus working for another. The brothers believe in their company and service to customers.

Family Support (03:29)

The Osei brothers recommend working with the resources at hand and endorse using outside financing as a last resort. They advise entrepreneurs to be humble and keep strong.

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