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The Perfume Bar: S' Amuser (04:13)


S' Amuser custom makes perfumes and provides an unique experience that includes wine and chocolate fondue. Founder Julie Solheim-Roe calls it a lifestyle.

Early Problems and Sourcing Products (03:37)

Solheim-Roe wrote her business plan in nine months. Bureaucracy delayed the launch of S' Amuser. The perfumer works with a cooperative of growers in France and Italy.

Franchising the Business (04:37)

Solheim-Roe plans to open more shops. Franchisees benefit from the research that she did. In 2006, the first franchise opened in Hartford, England.

The Crisp Maker: Tyrrell's (03:14)

Herefordshire is prime soil for growing potatoes. Will Chase purchased the Tyrrell farm from his father. He grew potatoes to sell as a commodity before getting branded.

Potato and Starch Products (03:59)

In 2001, Tyrrell's converted a potato storage unit into a modern factory. Chase spent a significant amount of money on stainless steel equipment; the investment paid off.

Supermarkets vs. Independent Shops (03:18)

The key to Tyrrell's success is that the customers know where their chips are coming from. Chase likes to be in control of his business and stays in contact with patrons.

The Osteopath: Backbone (04:00)

Ayshe Ibrahim treats back problems without drugs or surgery. Osteopaths believe that the body has the ability to heal itself. Clinics provide self-employed osteopaths with patients and place to work.

Storefront Expansion and Funding (05:58)

Ibrahim hopes to advertise services in the shop window. She advertises on the internet, but states that word-of-mouth is the best commercial. Ibrahim believes her treatment style provides repeat business.

The Business That Didn't Make It: Jonny's Story (03:02)

In 2003, Jonny Nicolet started an event business that failed two years after startup. Venue finding is a business that appeals to corporations.

Keeping the Clients (05:25)

As a middleman, Nicolet was cut out of deals. Funding day-to-day operations can be a problem for new businesses. He recommends taking time to understand the business plan.

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