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Social Cost of the Cigarette Business (05:52)


Ujung Widodo is dying from lung cancer. Indonesia is a large market for selling tobacco to minors and has a high growth rate of young smokers.

Indonesian Tobacco Fields (04:08)

Cigarettes are cheap because taxes are low. Abdul Hadi smoked for thirty years, but stopped due to breathing problems. His wife believes smoking has no effect on his health. Their teenage son believes he looks more masculine when smoking.

Hand-rolled Cigarettes (05:08)

Kretek cigarettes have twice the nicotine and three times the tar of regular cigarettes. Manually rolled cigarettes cost less than their machine made competitors.

Advertising and Health (05:56)

Phillip Morris Chief John Gledhill's conscious is clear. The marketing goal is to generate trial and repurchase. Smoking is banned in the Indonesian Parliament building, but ignored by politicians. Atip Sajak's daughter died from second-hand smoke.

Anti-Smoking Campaigns and Free Cigarettes (07:04)

Action On Smoking and Health Research Manger Amanda Sandford believes tobacco companies are amoral when marketing products. Corporations view themselves as moral organizations.

Tobacco Companies' Point of View (03:04)

Tobacco companies offer employment in developing countries. They use the economic argument to persuade governments of viability. Some tobacco companies give money to build hospitals.

Laws and Smuggling (03:14)

Taxes are not paid on smuggled products; governments lose revenue. Cheaper products means consumption increases. More people will smoke less expensive cigarettes.

Cigarettes in Thailand (03:28)

Smoking rates are falling due to anti-smoking campaigns. Thailand was the first Asian country to introduce picture warnings on packaging. They banned tobacco advertising in 2002.

Developing Countries Growing Tobacco (05:59)

The cost of smoking is far greater than any benefits. Smoking rates in the Western world have declined since the 1980s. The tobacco industry opposes any control measures.

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Multinational companies are aggressively marketing cigarettes to young people in developing countries, with tragic social costs. This film explores the case of Indonesia - the third largest market for tobacco products in the world.

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