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"They Silence Our Complaints" (02:58)


China's unprecedented industrial revolution has increased energy and lifestyle demands. Economic growth and environmental sustainability are at odds; officials advocate decreasing energy and natural resource use.

Hangzhou Pollution (04:29)

Tourists visit the West Lake. Hangzhou is promoted as a green city, but chemical factories emit toxins; local authorities often silence complaints. Activist Cheng Faqing sued the government for environmental negligence in 2002; his organization has become a nationwide watchdog.

Corruption and Environmental Degradation (06:02)

Hangzhou residents suspect local environmental authorities of affiliations with chemical factory owners; officials protect polluting industries to meet production quotas. Families living nearby suffer poor health. National policymakers use long term environmental strategies, while local officials focus on short term gains.

Water Crisis (04:52)

Ma Jun documents water pollution and shortages; over half of rivers and lakes are polluted. His organization exposes companies breaking environmental laws. Access to drinking water is dwindling in rural and urban areas; groundwater and surface water levels are sinking.

National Pollution Database (04:37)

Industrial wastewater, urban sewage, and agriculture contribute to water pollution. Ma's organization created a map of manufacturers violating environmental laws to lower production costs for foreign buyers. Drought ruined Wang Yongsen's harvest; he has clean well water but the aquifer is sinking.

Signs of Change? Renewable Energy (05:17)

In Dezhou, the Himin Group built a model solar city combining solar and wind technologies. China aims to have 15% of power come from renewables by 2020. Founder Huang Ming envisions a clean future for the planet.

Credits: Inside China 7: Environmental Timebomb? (00:04)

Credits: Inside China 7: Environmental Timebomb?

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