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"The New Entrepreneurs" (02:43)


China's economic rise and free market reforms have created new opportunities for women from rural migrant families, historically denied equal rights.

"We Shouldn't Just Accept Our Fate" (03:28)

Tian Ko-Yu is the first woman in her village to attend university; she has started a PR company and has six employees. She visits her parents once a year.

Rural Poverty (05:38)

Tian's parents went into debt to finance her education. She tended their tobacco farm—an experience that taught her self-reliance and perseverance. She wants to return to the countryside after establishing her business to recruit other young entrepreneurs.

"I'm Doing Pretty Well" (03:18)

A new generation of educated, Western-influenced entrepreneurs will shift from manufacturing to services. Yu Xinpei, a rural migrant, owns two Shanghai beauty salons employing 60 people. She recalls training for free and transitioning to city life.

Village Success Story (05:10)

Yu's farmer parents followed her to Shanghai and help with her salon business. She is not afraid of losing everything or having to start over. She learns from entrepreneurs who are more successful than her.

"Business is Much Too Hard" (02:37)

Millions of rural migrants have moved to cities, fueling the economic boom. The Zhangs, shop owners, struggle to finance their children's education. They have had to leave their children behind, and work seven days a week.

Credits: Inside China 4: The New Entrepreneurs (00:05)

Credits: Inside China 4: The New Entrepreneurs

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Inside China 4: The New Entrepreneurs

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This program discusses China’s “new billionaires” as well as its many small businesses, many of which were set up by migrants who have battled against hardship and many or which are run by women.

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