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"Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" (02:59)


Despite its capitalist market economy, China is still an authoritarian regime. The National People's Congress gathers in Beijing with 3,000 appointed representatives. The Communist Party remains in power by adapting and modernizing; critics say it crushes opposition and fosters corruption.

Ethnic Tensions and Social Unrest (06:01)

Uyghurs comprise roughly 50% 0f the Xinjiang Region. National People's Congress representative and dancer Dilina Abudulah says living conditions have improved, and dismisses independence demands. China’s attempts to mix Western style market economics with communism is causing protests around the country.

"To Tell the Truth, Our Life is Hell" (03:57)

Farmland confiscation for factories and housing is the largest source of protest. Compensation is inadequate and farmers struggle to survive without an income. The Communist Party says protests are not real opposition, but could become an issue.

Municipal People's Congress (04:38)

Local, independent Beijing official Wu Qing discusses constitutional progress on human rights and private property. The CCP is always above the Constitution—resulting in corruption. Professor Xu Youyu believes capitalism is necessary, and calls for political reforms like freedom of speech.

"We Must Have Freedom of Speech" (04:08)

The CCP tries to silence all critical voices but the internet is challenging censorship. In 2011, the government tried to cover up a high speed train collision; local bloggers posted coverage, causing anger. Activist Isaac Mao shows users how to bypass censorship.

New Political Platform (03:27)

Chinese internet users can express themselves on blogs and microblogs. Journalist Huan Xiuli says the government cannot completely control communication and information. The public is occupying an oppositional role in protesting inequality and corruption.

Credits: Inside China 3: Politics and the People (00:04)

Credits: Inside China 3: Politics and the People

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