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The Manufacturer (04:11)


The majority shareholder of Blakeway Limited is Stephen Maynard. He has increased the turnover in the company and doubled profits. The company makes printed circuit boards.

"We're Not A Charity" (03:27)

Maynard holds a meeting to discuss the numbers of the various costs in the profit centers. Finance Director Sheila Hunt reports that turnover and gross and net profit have continued to grow.

"The Check's In The Mail" (03:58)

All companies need working capital to pay immediate expenses. During a board meeting Hunt explains purchasing new machines for the factory that were paid for with cash.

An Investment Decision (03:41)

The directors at Blakeway Limited discuss whether to invest in new equipment. Production Director Keith Sykes recommends replacing machines that are over ten years old.

A Surprise Announcement (05:11)

Maynard tells employees that the company will not be purchasing new equipment. He states that competition from China and Eastern Europe was a factor in the decision.

Credit: Financial Decisions 3: The Manufacturer (00:14)

Credit: Financial Decisions 3: The Manufacturer

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Financial Decisions 3: The Manufacturer

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This program profiles Blakeway boss Stephen Maynard and how he is fighting for profits in the highly competitive world of printed circuit board manufacturing. Using dramatized scenarios, the program considers profit, working capital, investment appraisal, business decisions, financial strategy, and social responsibility.

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