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Mezzo, Macro, and Micro Influences on Well-Being (01:45)


This video will provide case studies of social systems theory. There are three different types of systems: micro, mezzo, and macro. As each system changes, the other systems adapt.

Being a Leader: Using Systems Theory (08:31)

Doctor Michael Zisser explains that University Settlement wants to look at issues holistically and not just address specific concerns. As an administrator, he oversees child development program, mental health, crisis management, counseling clinics, arts programs, and senior centers. Zisser would like a data connection system where he can readily discover how many hours of counseling mental health workers provide and whether a child's grades dropped over six months.

University Settlement (04:54)

University Settlement was founded over 125 years ago and wants to build on the strengths and needs of the community; private and corporate donations contribute to funding. Although the ethnicities have changed, the group still works with disadvantaged populations.

Organizational Structure (02:59)

Zisser describes how organizational charts can be manipulated to appear as if each department works independently. The Door is part of the University Settlement organization; its chart is formulated by subject area. University Settlement and The Door have different cultures.

Organizational Merger (03:56)

The Door is a subsidiary corporation to University Settlement. Leaders from social work, therapy, medicine, and education created it to help at-risk youth in 1972. The founders believed that the more you structure an organization the less it would appeal to kids; University Settlement became involved 12 years ago.

Role as CEO (06:33)

CEOs need to balance the needs of the organization internally and externally. Zisser should be mainly involved in outreach, politicking, advocating, and fundraising but finds he also manages internal crises; the community center generated $500,000 in rental income this year. University Settlement spends much of its time in the immigrant population, including legal work toward deportation.

Using Technology (05:44)

Although community outreach is a people business, Zisser thinks recent technological advances help streamline administration. University Settlement tries to have as extensive relationships as possible with their clientele and advocate on their behalf. University Settlement fought to erect a new community center and insisted on certain attributes; Zisser describes how the organization partnered with the developer to build the Houston Street Center. (Credits)

Exploring the Structure of a Mezzo System: Visiting a Senior Center (03:00)

Mezzo social work deals with small to medium size groups that are influenced by macro and micro factors. A senior center's output includes meeting client goals. Smith tours a University Settlement's senior center and describes various programs offered.

Interview with Michele Rodriguez (03:07)

Rodriguez describes her client population; the senior center offers breakfast, lunch, and snack for its members. Recently, Rodriguez noticed an influx of Chinese immigrants. Zisser explains that while the ethnicities have changed, University Settlement still works with disadvantaged populations.

Areas of the Senior Center (02:52)

Departments include: case assistance, nutrition workshops, medical wellness, recreation, exercise program, and food. Smith talks to members about why they enjoy participating at the senior center.

Working at the Center (05:15)

Rodriguez describes employee jobs at the senior center. Meals on Wheels deliverers are trained to recognize elder abuse and neglect. Rodriguez reports to Director of Community Development Michele Aase; she enjoys how much input she receives.

Credits: Macro Systems: Human Behavior and the Social Environment—Social Systems Theory (00:10)

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This video by social work professor Judith Smith examines how a social service agency can be seen through the lens of systems thinking. It also discusses aspects of managing a social service agency.

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