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Introduction: Making Dogs Happy: Part 2—Catalyst (02:10)


See clips from part one of this series in which three dog owners began a two-week challenge to improve communication with their pets and excerpts from this program.

Roxy: Backwards Chaining (04:02)

Roxy formed a bridge to the word yes; she connects it to receiving a treat. Tate hides a phone so that Roxy has to find it by sniffing.

Personality and Coaching Success (03:46)

Over 800 working dog handlers took part in a survey that included questions on: agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, and openness to experience. Dr. Payne explains how these can affect a dog's ability to learn.

Personality Profile Results (04:27)

The three dog owners, participating in the two-week challenge learn their scores. New science reveals how we can adversely impact our dogs through emotions.

Poppy and Angus (03:30)

See how Claudia and Matt's dogs progress to sniffing out a specific item. Angus is the first of the dogs to pass a double-blind test.

Doglogbook (02:48)

This app is designed to track and maximize your dog's quality of life.

Crate Training for Separation Anxiety (03:55)

Cameras record a dog's behavior when it is left alone. Dr. Righetti demonstrates how to teach a dog to be happy in its own space.

Final Sniffing Test (03:36)

At the end of the two-week challenge, each dog shows the ability to find its owner's object.

Credits: Making Dogs Happy: Part 2—Catalyst (00:25)

Credits: Making Dogs Happy: Part 2—Catalyst

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Making Dogs Happy: Part 2—Catalyst

Part of the Series : Catalyst
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In the second part of this two-part series, we learn how the challenge participants, Roxy, Poppy, and Angus are progressing in learning to find an object by smell. Hear how your personality traits can directly affect your dog's ability to learn and about new science, which reveals how you can adversely impact your dog via your emotions. Hear about an app that is designed to maximize your dog's quality of life and see how to teach your dog to be happy in its own space, such as a crate. 

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