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Introduction: Making Dogs Happy: Part 1—Catalyst (03:31)


Meet three dog owners who will participate in a 2-week challenge using the latest science to supercharge their canine communication skills and develop a happier relationship with their dogs.

Bridging Reinforcer (02:50)

Marine biologist and former seal trainer, Ryan Tate gets a baseline of each owner's current canine communication skills. The dogs are tested for their preferred reinforcer (reward preference), which is then matched with a sound.

Learning Theory (02:06)

This goes back over 100 years and has been used in marine mammal training for decades. Understanding learning theory helps a dog owner communicate clearly. Forming a new association requires immediate reinforcement; Mali, the seal, demonstrates.

Effects of Delayed Reinforcement (03:00)

In this experiment, we see how a one second delay can confuse a canine. A bridge reinforcer communicates to the dog why it is being rewarded. Shorter duration sessions are better for learning.

Do Dogs Like Hugs? (02:15)

A Canadian scientist found that out of 300 photos of dogs being hugged, 82% showed signs of stress. Learn behaviors that indicate stress.

Reading a Dog's Emotions (03:34)

Dog owners watch a video clip of a dog being petted. They discuss signs of stress shown by the dog. Next, they analyze videos of their own dogs.

Guilty Look/Expression (03:12)

In this experiment, the owner is tricked into thinking the dog took a treat without permission. Its guilty look is one of appeasement to ward off anger. Compared to wolves, dog brains are exquisitely attuned to human signals.

Poppy: Find the Wallet (02:32)

On day four of the dogmanship science course, Claudia tests Poppy on her bridge before teaching her to find a wallet.

Sniff Testing Roxy and Angus (02:55)

Dogs enjoy being mentally challenged. Leanne has noticed increased happiness and a deeper connection with Roxy. Tate baits keys with food to get Angus' interest.

Homework, Review, and Preview (01:30)

Tate briefs the dog owners on their assignments. He believes Angus' cannot focus due to his high food drive. Hear what is covered in part two of this series.

Credits: Making Dogs Happy: Part 1—Catalyst (00:07)

Credits: Making Dogs Happy: Part 1—Catalyst

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Making Dogs Happy: Part 1—Catalyst

Part of the Series : Catalyst
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In this instructional video, we learn how to tell when our dog is stressed or anxious. See an experiment that debunks the myth that dogs show guilt. Follow along with three owners and their dogs as Ryan Tate instructs them in learning theory using a bridging reinforcer to teach their pets to sniff out objects. 

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