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Targeted Genome Editing (04:38)


Scientists believe they can bring animals back from extinction, cure genetic diseases, and make food allergenic with the CRISPR-Cas 9. A genome is an organism's complete set of DNA, which is comprised of four base pairs. Researchers estimate there are over 10,000 single gene disorders; only 5% can be treated.

CRISPR-cas 9 Applications (04:36)

George Church explains that CRISPR-Cas 9 can add, subtract, edit, and repair areas of code in our genomes. Dr. Sara Howden and Melissa Little grew organoids to learn how genetic modification can improve kidney dysfunction.

Genetic Modification (03:33)

Rachel Ankeny explores the ethical ramifications of genetic manipulation. David Tscharke uses CRISPR-Cas 9 to engineer herpes viruses. Dr. Marco Herold discovered that he can stop cancer cells from growing using targeted genome editing.

Gene Editing (04:11)

Tim Doran and Mark Tizard created genetically modified chicken eggs with CRISPR-Cas 9. Scientists discuss how targeted genome editing will improve society and technology.

Life on Mars (03:39)

Experts debate life on other planets. Graham Phillips travels to Broken Hill to search for meteorites that may contain microbes from Mars. Heat generated by entering the Earth's atmosphere creates a black fusion crust.

Belief in Martians (02:46)

Percival Lowell believed that martians dug canals to provide irrigation to the equator. Mariner 4 took photographs that proved Mars did not have canals on the surface. Scientists discovered water underneath Mars' surface.

Finding Meteorites (06:02)

Phillips discovers a meteorite that contains maghemite. Meteorites on the surface of Mars can protect microbes from radiation, the cold, and hold water to sustain life. Scientists find bio-signatures that prove life once existed inside a rock.

Credits: Gene Editing Made Simple and Is There Life On Mars?—Catalyst (00:25)

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Gene Editing Made Simple and Is There Life On Mars?—Catalyst

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CRISPR is a powerful gene-editing technique that is transforming the field of genetics. Faster, easier and cheaper than previous gene modification methods, the dream of treating cancer or curing hereditary gene diseases is one step closure. However, with the power to change DNA come ethical implications. CRISPR gives us the ability to alter the evolution of an entire species. Scientists are excited but are aware that they need to be careful how they use this revolutionary gene editing tool. Graham Phillips goes into the desert on a meteorite hunt. The reason is to investigate the question humanity’s been asking for centuries: is there life on Mars? A group of Monash University geologists believe the insides of meteorites make great habitats for microbes. Just as Earth bugs live inside our space rocks, they believe Martian microbes could be living in the meteorites on Mars.

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