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The Marketing Mix Product Case Studies: Extension Strategies (03:48)


In 1890, Skoda started as a bicycle repair shop and then made cars in Czechoslovakia. Currently, this business is one of the most successful brands in the world. Learn what the marketing team did to increase sales.

Extension Strategies: Famous Failures! (03:18)

Product extension means extending the life of a product through various means. Brand stretching incorporates new products into an existing brand umbrella. See examples of stretching failures.

The Marketing Mix Product Case Studies: Long Lives, Short Lives and Reincarnations (09:17)

Mars bars were introduced to the U.K. in 1932, launched other brands, and made changes as health consciousness increased. Cadbury's Fuse product was highly successful at first, but "fizzled out." Cadbury launched Wispa in 1983 and Dairy Milk in 2003.

The Marketing Mix Product Case Studies: The Masterbrand (05:19)

A brand can be the umbrella for a multitude of products. A company benefits from merchandise having the same image. The first "Call of Duty" video game was launched in 2003.

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