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All About the Marketing Mix: Product (09:43)


The marketing mix is a set of tools to help create a strategy. Products can be tangible or a service the company provides. Publicizing starts by identifying the merchandise.

Extension Strategies and Branding (05:31)

With an established product, all development and launch costs are paid for and customer awareness is built in. The brand relies on a multitude of new products and stretching.

The Marketing Mix Product Case Studies: Value Analysis & USP (07:26)

By 2012, Apple sold over 17 million iPads worldwide. Panasonic marketed a tablet called the Toughpad that could be dropped and still work. Each device had unique selling points.

The Marketing Mix Product Case Studies: Cash Cows, Stars & Dogs (07:55)

The Boston Matrix classifies products in a company's portfolio. Cash cows can support rising stars and the "problem child;" the dog can be dropped. See examples of cash cows and marketing failures for several products.

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The Marketing Series 4: The Marketing Mix - Product

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Discussing value analysis and the product life cycle, this program considers how a business can extend the life of a product. It also discusses cash cows.

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