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A Basic Guide to Promotion: Part One (05:36)


Businesses promote their products to increase sales. The first task of promotion is to inform customers about a company's merchandise. Commerce relies on one form of advertising.

Internet Advertising (03:23)

The first internet advertisement appeared in 1994. The rise of Google has boosted internet advertising. Facebook is funded by advertising and has had massive growth.

Online vs. Conventional Advertising (06:14)

Web ads can be customized with emphasis for diverse types of customers. It is possible to opt out of personalized advertising, but those who are most influenced by advertising are least likely to.

A Basic Guide to Promotion: Part Two (05:17)

Direct marketing makes personal contact with the customer. Social media targeting can be tracked when a customer responds to an advertisement. Direct mail is criticized as junk mail.

Public Relations and Sponsorship (05:02)

Media relations involves dealing with the community. Editorial coverage of a business can be worth more than paid advertising; a good public relations campaign can be costly.

Point of Sale (04:51)

Credit terms help close a sale. Packaging can prompt customers to buy products and competition promotes multiple purchases. Store membership encourages return shoppers.

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The Marketing Series 7: The Marketing Mix - Promotion

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This program looks at promotion as an element of the marketing mix. It discusses forms of advertising, including television, radio, billboards, cinema, press, and the internet. It also considers direct marketing, public relations, sponsorship, and point of sale.

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