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Proper Training (02:01)


Many organizations and businesses ignore the importance of training, to their own peril. Productivity is one of the key success factors in doing business. Training is part of the broader concept of workforce planning and development.

Best Workplace Awards (02:06)

Sue Swanborough, HR Director at General Mills UK, states that it is training that helps people to develop and grow at her company. She recommends discussing people’s strengths and not focusing on their weaknesses, to get the best results out of employees.

Internet Based Teaching Packages (02:31)

On-the-job training happens at the workplace. Off-the-job training is any form of training that is not directly linked to specific tasks, like learning general task information. Some jobs that have a potential for physical risks require off-the-job training.

Training Needs Analysis (03:59)

Training in computer work or factory work is considered hard skills. At the Insurance Broker Center in the United Kingdom, both hard skill and soft skill training are taught. Correct training, mentoring, and coaching are good investments for the company.

Progressive Companies Keep Improving (03:27)

Development and training are an ongoing process of continually learning, changing, and amending behavior. When companies do not keep track of employees training, employees feel demoralized when being taught something they have already learned. It is also a waste of man hours.

The Apprentice Story (02:27)

Penny Harston, a painter and decorator, took an apprenticeship in the home repair trade. She worked four days a week with a company and worked one day a week at the college. Her work with a real company gave her valuable experience.

Apprentices Are Good for Business (04:16)

Apprenticeships are a way of getting real experience and gaining specific training qualifications. College teaches students how to solve problems. Employers pay apprentices while they are on the job learning the required skills; most apprenticeships last between one and four years.

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Credit: Training and Development

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