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New York City, 2001 (03:29)


Watch footage from after September 11th. Dr. Frederick J. Streets explains that Americans feel more vulnerable to global attacks. Holly Dando describes how she learned that an airplane flew into the World Trade Center.

Reactions from Witnesses (03:42)

Clifford Williams remembers hearing the airplane pass over his cab before it struck the World Trade Center. Dando recalls working in a hospital and people calling trying to find loved ones. It took several weeks for New Yorkers to reestablish homeostasis.

Changing Behaviors (02:04)

Williams describes how New Yorkers seemed more empathetic for several weeks after 9/11. The taxi driver discusses how commercial the event has become and says soon it will be an annual celebration with sales.

Norrmalm Police (03:13)

Olle Minell discusses the dissolution of the "the baseball league" and their sympathies with the extreme right. Hans Holmer leads the murder inquest; learn about the equipment he obtained for staff and PJ Karlström.

Crime Scene Circumstances (07:11)

Karlström contacts one of the men carrying walkie talkies the night of Palme's murder; his office is on the route the killer took when fleeing. Hear about Björn Skogsfeldt's connection to the scene, circumstances surrounding the bullets, police communications, and emergency response.

Making a Difference (05:03)

Dr. Streets explains how hatred is a learned condition and cautions against a myopic perspective. Clark discusses how he hoped that citizens would have a greater sense of community after 9/11. The singer wanted American leaders to go to the Middle East and apologize for offending al-Qaeda.

False Documentation (03:03)

The police register for the night of Palme's murder is inaccurate and the control report sheet indicating police action is unusual. The driver of police car 1520 is a member of the extreme right.

Finish Suspect (04:20)

SAPO, criticized for having affinities with the extreme right, follows leads that implicate Swedish police in Palme's assassination. Journalist Olle Alsen recalls interviewing witnesses who recognize one of the men with a walkie talkie.

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Experts and survivors discuss the impact of the attacks on September 11th, 2001. Topics include: behavioral changes, shock, confusion, hatred, and hopes for the future.

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