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Today on "Camera Three" (02:40)


Hear the opening score of "North by Northwest" by Bernard Herrmann; Alfred Hitchcock appears at the end of the opening credits. David Raksin introduces explains this episode will concentrate on Herrmann's works.

Radio Years (04:53)

Instead of writing American city music, Herrmann composed a fandango for "North by Northwest." A graduate of Julliard, the composer worked with John Houseman and Orson Welles at CBS radio. Welles asked Hermann to score "Citizen Kane." Hear the opening and "Salambo."

Early Hollywood Years (03:26)

Herrmann wrote "All that Money Can Buy" and won an Academy Award for the score. He composed "Jane Eyre" where Elizabeth Taylor made an unaccredited appearance. "Hangover Square" culminates in a mad composer performing his concerto while the house burns.

Composing for Other Filmmakers (03:50)

Watch a clip from "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir;" Herrmann musically compares the waves to Mrs. Muir's solitude. In 1966, Herrmann recorded"Wuthering Heights." For "The Day the Earth Stood Still," he incorporated two theremins and an electric violin into a conventional orchestra.

Scoring for Scary Movies (02:00)

Herrmann incorporated nine harps into a conventional orchestra to score "Beneath the 12 Mile Reef." He is best known for his collaboration with Hitchcock. In "The Man Who Knew Too Much" remake, Herrmann appears as the conductor of the orchestra at Albert Hall.

"Psycho" (04:49)

Herrmann composed the score entirely for strings because he felt it complimented the black and white photography. Raskin demonstrates how the score maintains a frenetic pitch during a scene. In another scene, Herrmann combines a Pizzicato Tremolo with high-pitched violin shrieks.

Herrmann's Later Career (05:05)

Disillusioned by the decline of film scoring, Herrmann moved to England. The composer wrote the film scores for "Fahrenheit 451" and "The Bride Wore Black" and worked with directors Brian De Palma and Larry Cohen. Watch two sequences from "Taxi Driver"— after completing the final cue for the film, Herrmann fell unconscious and never awoke.

Credits: Scoring Films: Bernard Herrmann (01:54)

Credits: Scoring Films: Bernard Herrmann

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Scoring Films: Bernard Herrmann

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Musicologist-composer David Raksin discusses the career of his friend, the eminent film composer Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975). Many film clips illustrate his themes, and Raksin demonstrates some of Herrmann’s techniques on the piano. Herrmann stands as one of the geniuses in the art, and was a pioneer and risk taker in many of his approaches. He worked with directors Orson Welles, Martin Scorcese, Francois Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock, among others.

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