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Today on "Camera Three" (01:20)


Dancers can communicate through body movement. The Jose Limon Dance Company will present six excerpts of dances choreographed by Limon and Doris Humphrey. Aaron Copeland's music accompanies "Day on Earth."

"Day on Earth" (04:58)

Dancers perform the duet choreographed by Humphrey. Copeland's music accompanies the performance.

"Lament for a Bullfighter" (03:50)

James Macandrew introduces Limon who explains that dance is one of the oldest forms of communication. Limon performs a solo to the poem by Federico García Lorca.

"The Moor's Pavane" (06:15)

Modern dance is dramatic. Based on Shakespeare's "Othello," Limon wanted to create a new dimension to the classic tale. A trio performs an excerpt of the dance choreographed by Limon.

"The Exiles" (02:50)

Limon choreographed this piece about Adam and Eve's fall from grace. Dancers perform without music.

"Theater Piece" (01:31)

Humphrey choreographed this work on theatricality and overdone performances. Dancers perform without music.

"Nightspell" (05:34)

Limon wants the audience to participate in the dance event and experience new emotions. In "Nightspell," Humphrey attempts to express an idea. Watch an excerpt of the performance.

Credits: Jose Limon and Dance Company (00:18)

Credits: Jose Limon and Dance Company

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Jose Limon and Dance Company

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Jose Limon and his company of dancers perform dances choreographed by Doris Humphrey and himself. Includes six dances and Limon talking about his work. His company of dancers: Ruth Currier, Lucas Hoving, & Betty Jones. Dances include Day on Earth -- choreography by Doris Humphrey. Music by Aaron Copland. Lament for a Bullfighter -- performed solo by Limon. The choreography is by Limon. This dance is based on the poem by Garcia Lorca and is performed to a reading of the poem. The piece based on Othello and choreographed by Limon. The Exiles without music. Theater Piece by Doris Humphrey, a satiric piece on theatricalism and overdone performances. Humphrey's Nightspell.

Length: 28 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64023-339-3

Copyright date: ©1956

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