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Bali: Introduction (01:59)


Until 1906, a Dutch warship remained off the coast of Bali. India and Bali are the only two Hindu countries. Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati rules Ubud.

Interview with Agung (03:39)

Agung does not think that Ubud has changed much culturally over the years, but the villages have increased in population. Rudolph Bonnet, Bob Kennedy, and Marlon Brando all stayed at the palace.

Visiting the Palace (03:33)

Agung insisted on filming a skit between himself and Faubion Bowers for the television show. They tour the palace grounds: the dining pavilion, the tooth filing pavilion, and the location of his children's graves.

Change of Dance (01:19)

Agung describes how dancers are starting to perform new dances. The "Truna Jaya" is performed by girls portraying young men.

"Truna Jaya" (08:21)

Watch a dancer perform the folk dance. Bowers interprets the dance for the viewing audience. The drummer spurns Truna Jaya when she attempts to kiss him, believing she is a man.

Center for Painting (04:38)

Agung explains why Bali's art is so prolific. Rudolph Bonnet and Agung completed the Puri Lukisan Agung. Bonnet shows Bowers his favorite works in the art gallery.

Other Masterpieces (02:07)

Bowers shows some other artwork by Balinese Artists. The Neka gallery displays work by non-Balinese artists and Bonnet's final artwork is located there. Agung discusses how tourists are welcomed in Bali.

"Joged" (02:03)

Watch an excerpt of the flirt dance. Agung puts a flower in his hair while watching the performance. Bowers gives a short history of Balinese painting.

Credits: Classic Balinese Dances (00:25)

Credits: Classic Balinese Dances

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A look into a time gone by in Indonesia. A 1977 filmed visit with a Prince of Bali, and his feudal court of Chokorda Agung in Ubud, a principality of Bali, by Asian arts expert Faubion Bowers, who lived there in the late 40s. The visit includes the palace grounds, a skit composed by the Prince, and a popular Balinese dance (Truna Jaya, in which a teenage girl dances the part of a young man.) Also: an interview with Rudolph Bonnet, an elderly Dutch painter long resident in Bali and sometimes referred to as "the last of the Gauguins." Bonnet escorts Bowers on a tour of an art museum dedicated to Balinese art.

Length: 29 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64023-329-4

Copyright date: ©1977

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