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"Swan Lake": Part One (02:12)


Maria Tallchief performs as Princess Odette in this solo. George Balanchine revised the choreography.

Today on "Camera Three" (01:56)

Tallchief and Nicholas Magallanes from the "New York City Ballet" will perform excerpts from "Swan Lake" written by Tchaikovsky. Classical ballet follows a specific technique and dancers must create a mood from the steps. In "Swan Lake," The Prince decides to go on a hunt with his friends.

Meeting of the Prince and the Swan (04:49)

A swan appears at a lakeside clearing and begs the Prince not to harm her. Tallchief and Magallanes perform the duet.

"Love Duet" (06:45)

The Prince swears to love the swan and escort her to the ball, but Odette is afraid that the Prince will betray her. Tallchief and Magallanes perform the duet from Act II of "Swan Lake."

Odette and Odile (03:00)

The ballerina who performs as the swan queen also portrays the sorcerer's daughter. Tallchief demonstrates how to incorporate characters behaviors and motivations into dance steps. In the third act, the Prince believes he is dancing with his love, but it is really the black swan.

"Black Swan Pas de Deux" (04:31)

The Prince dances with the sorcerer's daughter at the ball and proclaims his love to her. Tallchief and Magallanes perform the duet from Act III of "Swan Lake."

"The Dying Swan" (03:32)

Several alternative endings of the ballet exist. In this rendition, the swan forgives the Prince and they say farewell. Tallchief and Magallanes perform the duet from Act IV of "Swan Lake."

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Discussion and performance of excerpts from "Swan Lake", with Maria Tallchief and Nicolas Magallanes, using the choreography of Marius Petipa as revised by George Balanchine. Music by Tchaikovsky.

Length: 27 minutes

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