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"Sunday in Savannah" (03:14)


Nina Simone performs the song with a jazz combo band in 1961. Simone studied at Julliard and the Curtis Institute. (Credits)

"I'll Look Around" (02:48)

Simone sings the jazz song with her combo band in 1961.

Jazz Improvisation (04:46)

Simone plays the piano and improvs with her combo band in 1961.

"When I Was in My Prime" (04:29)

Simone performs the jazz song with Alvin Shackman in 1961.

"Zungo" (03:03)

Babatunde Olatunji taught Simone this song. She performs it in an African language in 1961.

"For All We Know" (04:15)

Simone sings and plays the piano. She finishes her set with a portion of "Breaking Rocks on the Chain Gang" in 1961.

Credits: Nina Simone Performance, 1961 (01:07)

Credits: Nina Simone Performance, 1961

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Nina Simone Performance, 1961

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Nina Simone sings and plays piano. On several selections she is backed up by her combo: Alvin Shackman, Robert White, Christopher Hamilton. Selections include: Sunday in Savannah, I'll Look Around, When I was in my Prime, Zungo (African language song, taught her by Olatunji), For All We Know, a jazz improvisation, and a portion of Breaking Rocks on the Chain Gang.

Length: 24 minutes

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