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Yale Repertory Theater: "Julius Caesar", Act I, Scene 2 (01:14)


Actors perform the soliloquy written by William Shakespeare; Julius Caesar worries about Cassius. This performance is from a collection of scenes from Shakespeare, Shepard, and Chekhov presented in a 1977 episode of "Camera Three."

Today on "Camera Three" (02:54)

Margaret Croyden explores the Yale Repertory Theater. In 1924, Professor Pierce Baker began teaching at Yale University, establishing the department of Drama. Kingman Brewster, Jr. appointed Robert Brustein dean of the school and founded the Yale Repertory Company.

Different Repertory Theater (02:08)

The conservatory program helps Yale Repertory keep a sense of spontaneity. Brustein compares it to the Old Vic Theater and the Swedish National Theater. Yale Repertory has a permanent group of actors, but they do not believe in tenure.

"Ivanov" (03:34)

Brustein began his career as an actor; he rehearses for a production of Anton Checkov's play. Alvin Epstein discusses directing technique and performing the title role.

"Julius Caesar", Act III, Scene 1. (04:05)

Brustein discovered the play was about acting irrationally by external and internal forces. See Antony's soliloquy about Caesar's death.

Robert Drivas (02:12)

Drivas returned to Yale Repertory to portray Marc Antony in "Julius Caesar." He prepared for the role by performing voice exercises, breath exercises, and getting into shape.

"Suicide in B-Flat" (05:19)

Brustein believes in performing classical plays in a new way; he also searches for new plays and playwrights. See an excerpt of the Sam Shepard play that combines fractured dialogue with grotesque themes.

Yale Repertory Theater (04:13)

Actors do not have to play the same repeatedly, the theater has no stars, and it encourages a company to minimize limitations. Brustein is proud of the company's actors and productions; the theater will never become a preview location for Broadway.

"Julius Caesar", Act III, Scene 2 (01:22)

Listen to Brutus' speech condemning Caesar. Next week, "Camera Three" will explore the relationship between the Yale drama school and the company.

Credits: Yale Repertory Theater Performs Scenes from Shakespeare, Shepard, and Chekhov (01:33)

Credits: Yale Repertory Theater Performs Scenes from Shakespeare, Shepard, and Chekhov

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Yale Repertory Theater Performs Scenes from Shakespeare, Shepard, and Chekhov

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In the first half of a two-part series, Camera Three examines the Yale Repertory Theater Company. Margaret Croyden interviews Robert Brustein, dean of the school of Drama at Yale University. Actors perform scenes from Suicide in B-Flat, Julius Caesar, and Ivanov. 

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