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Traditional Japanese Literature: "Dialogue on Poverty" (03:01)


This episode of "Camera Three" will be the first in a series on other cultures. Japanese literature possesses strength, vitality, and realism. An actor recites a poem from the "Man'yoshu."

"The Salt Gatherer" (03:29)

A Kabuki actor portrays Matsukaze, a girl from the village whose lover departs. The dancer uses water buckets, fan, and an umbrella as props.

Reading from a Scroll (04:10)

Actors narrate a story about a priest, a miraculous bowl, and a storage house.

Japanese Poetry (03:16)

Hear poems written by Lady Akazome Emon, Ki no Tsurayuki, Ono no Komanchi, Ogura Hyakunin Isshu and others. Many of these are part of the Kokinshu.

"On the Unreal Dwelling" (03:19)

Hear works written by Matsuo Basho. James Macandrews compares the hermit's prose poem to Henry David Thoreau's poetry.

Link Verse (02:02)

Actors demonstrate the technique. They sit together to compose a long poem, each contributing a line in turn.

Kabuki Dance (03:03)

See the Japanese dance where the performer uses an umbrella as a prop.

"The Tale of the Heike" (04:27)

The victor of a sword fight is surprised his opponent is young. After seeing riders intent on killing the youth, the victor slays him. Donald Keene translated the works for today's broadcast.

Credits: Traditional Japanese Poetry, Dance, Music, and Theater (00:28)

Credits: Traditional Japanese Poetry, Dance, Music, and Theater

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Traditional Japanese Poetry, Dance, Music, and Theater

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Camera Three presents dances, poetry, music, and theater from Japan. The program includes excerpts from The Tale of Heike, The Salt Gatherer, On the Unreal Dwelling, Dialogue on Poverty, and poems from the Kokinshu.

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