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W. H. Auden's Poetry: "The Age of Anxiety", Part One (02:47)


Emble wonders if others understand his journey as he does. James Macandrew explains that W. H. Auden believed he should provide a dissenting voice to societal pressures. A poet is a traveler. This performance of Auden's poem "The Age of Anxiety" is from a 1958 episode of "Camera Three."

"Prospero to Ariel" (01:13)

The narrator ponders a journey that he needs to begin. Listen to a recitation of the poem by Auden.

"At Last, the Secret Is Out" (00:58)

Two actresses recite the stanza by Auden. The narrator muses that the secret has finally been divulged to the world. This poem is also called "Song VIII."

"A Misunderstanding" (00:57)

Listen to a recitation of the poem. The dream atmosphere of the sonnet refers to the professor's psyche.

"A Healthy Spot" (01:29)

Listen to a recitation. The poet wonders if the objects of the poem ever think imaginatively or ask questions about their world.

"Age of Anxiety", Part Two (02:05)

Listen to Rosetta's speech in the poem. The character muses on finding a place where she belongs.

"Age of Anxiety", Part Three (00:30)

Auden demonstrates how a wartime radio newscast can be transformed into poetry.

"The Orators" (03:20)

Auden elaborates on wartime training. Listen to an excerpt from Part III.

"O What is that Sound" (01:13)

A man is concerned when the army approaches. The rhythm of the poem is used to imitate marching soldiers.

"For the Time Being: A Christmas Oration" (04:54)

Auden wrote this poem during World War II. Listen to an excerpt.

"Lullaby" (01:48)

Listen to a love poem spoken to someone who is sleeping. The narrator ponders the death of her lover.

"As I Walked Out One Evening" (02:48)

The narrator eavesdrops on two lovers by the river on his perambulation. Listen to the poem by Auden.

"If I Could Tell You" (01:03)

The narrator ponders how the future is unpredictable and inescapable. Listen to the poem by Auden.

"Nocturne Poem" (02:15)

Listen to an actor recite the poetry. Macandrew notes that next week's guest will be Auden himself.

Credits: W. H. Auden's Poetry Performed (00:44)

Credits: W. H. Auden's Poetry Performed

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On this episode of Camera Three, several actors recite poems by W.H. Auden. Excerpts from The Orators, The Age of Anxiety, and Collected Poems are included. 

Length: 29 minutes

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