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Camera Three: "The Tell Tale Heart", Part One (03:40)


Michael Kane portrays the narrator in Edgar Allen Poe's short story. The old man's "vulture eye" convinced the narrator to murder him. This dramatization of "The Tell-Tale Heart" is from a 1958 episode of "Camera Three."

"The Tell Tale Heart", Part Two (03:03)

The narrator tries to convince the audience of his sanity and explains how for seven nights he would open the door of the old man's room wanting to shine light onto his "evil eye." Kane performs the role.

"The Tell Tale Heart", Part Three (06:33)

On the eighth night, the old man awakens after the narrator's hand slips. When the old man's heartbeat becomes excessively loud, the narrator strikes out. Kane performs the role.

"The Tell Tale Heart", Part Four (04:49)

The narrator dismembers the body and conceals the parts in the floorboards. After police arrive because of the noise, the narrator invites them in to search the house. Kane performs the one-man show.

"The Tell Tale Heart", Part Five (04:29)

The narrator starts hearing a ringing in his ears, which steadily grows in volume. He breaks down and confesses to the policemen that he committed the murder.

Credits: “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe (Dramatization) (00:26)

Credits: “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe (Dramatization)

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“The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe (Dramatization)

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On this episode of Camera Three, Michael Kane performs a dramatization of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart. After murdering an old man because of his "vulture eye," the narrator conceals the body underneath the floorboards.

Length: 24 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64023-310-2

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