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Royal Shakespeare Company: "Richard II", Act III, Scene 2: Part One (01:25)


Richard Pasco and Ian Richardson deliver the monologue where Richard II realizes his reign is over. This adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Richard II" appeared on the television show "Camera Three" in 1974.

Performance Introduction (03:36)

The Brooklyn Academy of Music recently launched a production of "Richard II" directed by John Barton that focuses on the similarities between King Richard II and Henry Bolingbroke. Margaret Croyden discusses the set design. Each night, Pasco and Richardson decide who will portray which character.

"Richard II": Act III, Scene 2: Part Two (03:16)

After Richard II seizes Bolingbroke's property, the nobles decide to mount an insurrection. Richard returns from Ireland and discovers the rebellion.

"Richard II": Act III, Scene 2: Part Three (02:54)

Bolingbroke and Northumberland captured Bristol castle and executed Richard II's advisors. Richardson performs the monologue where Richard II realizes his reign is over.

"Richard II": Act III, Scene 3 (06:06)

Bolingbroke and Northumberland meet Richard II at Flint Castle. Richard II agrees to Bolingbroke's demands. Pasco and Richardson alternate Richard II's speeches.

"Richard II": Act IV, Scene 1 (08:46)

Richard II resigns the his property and kingship; he ponders his identity. Bolingbroke commands that the former king be sent to the Tower of London.

"Richard II": Act V, Scene 5 (01:12)

Richard II wonders if it is better to be a king or a beggar. Later, he is murdered and Bolingbroke vows to take a pilgrimage. After the coronation, the friends who rebelled with Bolingbroke turn against him.

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Camera Three presents excerpts from the Royal Shakespeare Company's new version of Richard II directed by John Barton. Richard Pasco and Ian Richardson alternate performing the roles of Richard II and Henry Bolingbroke to demonstrate the similarities between the two kings. Margaret Croyden provides commentary. 

Length: 28 minutes

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