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Camera Three Presents Shakespeare's Henriad: "Henry V": Act IV, Scene 1: Part One (03:43)


Disguised as a commoner, King Henry discovers that his soldiers are not happy about the war. Williams and Bates believe that while they will die, the king will only be ransomed. Henry swears the king will not pay. This adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Henry V" is from an episode of the television show "Camera Three" that presents scenes from three of his Henry plays.

"Henry IV Part 1": Act I, Scene 2 (00:33)

Prince Harry passes the time with his friend Sir John Falstaff, who likes to drink, eat, and sleep. Watch an excerpt of the performance.

"Henry IV Part 1": Act II, Scene 4 (04:03)

Falstaff defends his actions and love for the Prince. Watch an excerpt of the performance.

"Henry IV Part 2": Act IV, Scene 3 (00:27)

King Henry bemoans the wildness of his son, the prince to Warwick.

"Henry IV, Part 1": Act III, Scene 2 (01:57)

King Henry IV condemns his son for associating with vile criminals and his wildness. The Prince explains that Percy is working for him.

"Henry IV Part 1": Act IV, Scene 1 (00:29)

Prince Henry meets Harry Percy at the Battle of Shrewsbury. Percy compares Henry's men to a sacrifice.

"Henry IV Part 1": Act V, Scene 4 (03:33)

During a fight, Prince Henry stabs Percy, killing him. Watch an excerpt of the performance.

"Henry IV Part 2": Act IV, Scene 3 (02:51)

Prince Henry begins to mature, looking at his wild ways in a new light. The King appears to die and the Prince, believing he is now king, places the crown upon his head.

"Henry IV Part 2": Act V, Scene 2 (05:03)

Henry IV dies and Henry V ascends the throne. The chief justice fears how he will be treated because he punished the prince as a child under orders from the King. Henry V arrives, agrees that he was wild in his youth, and asks the chief justice to do the same for his children.

"Henry IV Part 2": Act V, Scene 5 (01:57)

Falstaff arrives and King Henry V rejects him by saying he will no longer associate with low people.

Credits: Henry V (Dramatization of Scenes) (00:21)

Credits: Henry V (Dramatization of Scenes)

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On this episode of Camera Three, Robert Lansing portrays the role of Prince Hal and Henry V in excerpts from Henry IV part 1, Henry IV part 2, and Henry V. The program chose scenes from William Shakespeare's Henriad that demonstrate Prince Hal's maturity and growth.

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