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Camera Three: Interview with Max Frisch and Scenes from His Work (01:29)


The search for identity and mankind's existence are central themes; Max Frisch captures these ideas in two of his plays "Andorra" and "The Firebugs." In "Andorra" the community believes that one of its members is a minority.

"Andorra" (08:44)

Andri meets with the priest and describes how the villagers treat him. Andri wants to marry Barblin, but the teacher refuses him. Robert F. Lyons and Paul Stevens perform the scene.

Using Stereotypes to Express Societal Problems (02:48)

Richard Watts described Frisch's play a "savage parable on anti-Semitism." If Frisch were writing the play set in the United States, he would have made Andri African-American or Communist.

"I'm Not Stiller": Part One (04:34)

Watch a dramatization of the novel. A man is imprisoned. Friends and acquaintances identify the narrator as a missing sculptor, but he denies it.

"I'm Not Stiller": Part Two (02:17)

The narrator remains imprisoned and starts wondering about the missing sculptor. Watch the dramatization.

"I'm Not Stiller": Part Three (05:21)

The narrator writes in his journal and meets with a prosecutor who tries to convince him that he is the missing sculptor.

Interview with the Author (01:41)

The narrator attempts to exist without an identity but fails in "I'm Not Stiller." He is forced into a role chosen for him by friends and acquaintances.

Credits: Interview with Max Frisch and Scenes from His Work (00:34)

Credits: Interview with Max Frisch and Scenes from His Work

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Interview with Max Frisch and Scenes from His Work

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On this episode of Camera Three, James Macandrew interviews novelist and playwright Max Frisch. Robert F. Lyons, Paul Stevens, Goerge Voskovec, Thayer David, and Boris Tumarin perform excerpts from the play Andorra, and a dramatization of the novel, I'm Not Stiller.

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