Segments in this Video

Racism in Schools (05:33)


Though diversity is now the norm in many high schools, racism shows its many faces that intimidate and harm the victims. Many groups are segregated because students feel more comfortable with their own people.

Gang Violence in Schools (02:53)

White students struggle with reverse racism in environments where they become the minority and an "us/them" division creates tension. When the intensity of gang violence increased, school officials established multi-cultural camps.

Multi-Cultural Training for Students (05:52)

In multi-cultural camps, 8th-grade students and school leaders talk about coping skills in an environment that houses students from 34 cultures. They participate in integrative activities and frank talks about ethnicity and racism.

High School Violence, Anger, and Hate (04:08)

Kevin broke Carlos' jaw after being harassed, shoved, and spat upon. Now Kevin fears for his safety if he returns to school. The school experiences continued racial violence and intimidation, especially among 11th-grade males.

Racial Hatred: Can It Be Overcome? (04:01)

A black female scholar notes the lack of minority representation on the teaching staff. Students must develop the skills of open-mindedness and tolerance to overcome the explosive tensions and violence that result from racial hatred.

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As school populations become more and more diverse, racial intolerance is shoving its way to prominence. In this provocative program, five students from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds speak with candor about racial harassment at their high school in an effort to encourage teenagers to examine their own attitudes and behaviors. The greatest danger of racism is that it will go unaddressed—until it becomes headline news. This video, ideal as a discussion-starter both in classrooms and at workshops, helps to ensure that this will not be the case. (27 minutes)

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