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Anais Nin's "Diary Excerpt": Part One (03:34)


Anais Nin reads an excerpt from her diary. When her parents separated, Nin moved to Spain and then the United States. In 1931, she relocated to Paris, bought a press, and started publishing her own books— her infamous diary is over 150 volumes.

"Diary Excerpt": Part Two (02:45)

Nin writes about why she started a diary and her father's desertion. She believes her relationship with Henry Miller saved her.

"Diary Excerpt": Part Three (09:32)

James Macandrew discusses Nin's influences— Antonin Artaud and Miller. Nin reads a journal entry about her relationships with the two men, muses about becoming a dancer, and love of Paris.

"Diary Excerpt": Part Four (05:43)

Nin reads a journal entry aloud about reconnecting with her father when she was an adult. Joaquin Nin was pleased that his children carry many of his preferences and interests.

"Diary Excerpt": Part Five (04:24)

Otto Rank treated Nin. Nin reads a journal entry about her fascination with psychoanalysis and relationship with Miller. Nin continued writing: her journal, "Seduction of the Minotaur," "Under a Glass Bell," "Winter of Artifice," and "Cities of the Interior."

Credits: Anais Nin Reads from Her Diary (02:27)

Credits: Anais Nin Reads from Her Diary

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Anais Nin Reads from Her Diary

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On this episode of Camera Three, Anais Nin reads aloud from her diary. In it, she writes about her relationship with her father and other influential men, why she started writing, and her fascination with psychoanalysis. 

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