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Arthur Rimbaud: Early Years (03:30)


Rimbaud's imagination was inspired by the Bible, by tales his mother told him of demons, saints, and knights, and by the children's books of the day. He was a docile, obedient student who excelled at his studies.

Arthur Rimbaud: Young Poet (04:07)

Young Rimbaud determines to be a published poet. He describes his feelings of love in light poetry. Soon his poetry is invested with purpose, full of denouncements of hypocrisy. During wartime, he is arrested as a spy.

Arthur Rimbaud in Paris (04:56)

Rimbaud sets down the doctrine for a "new poetry." Paul Verlain invites him to Paris where the two become inseparable. Soon, Rimbaud uses his poetry to denounce Parisian poets and critics.

Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlain (03:57)

Paul Verlain's love for the young Rimbaud nearly ruins his life. During this time, Rimbaud writes stripped down poetry that is "pure rhythm." Rimbaud and Verlain set out for Belgium where the police are soon after them.

Rimbaud's Dark Side (04:42)

Paul Verlain and Rimbaud arrive in London where the young poet composes "A Season in Hell," a bible for the contemporary world. Within a year, the two men part company for a short time.

Rimbaud: Poet in London (05:07)

Against a background of modern London, people read Rimbaud's poetry about his experiences and philosophies. Paul Verlain and Rimbaud reunite in London, but in a fit of passion, Verlain shoots Rimbaud and is imprisoned.

Public Rejection of Rimbaud's Work (03:59)

Archival photographs show where Rimbaud lived in agony while he wrote "A Season in Hell," which the public rejected upon publication. Readers recite excerpts from Rimbaud's work.

Rimbaud's Failures and Adventures (05:12)

By the end of 1874, twenty-year-old Rimbaud is back in his hometown in France. His days of writing poetry are over. Overwhelmed by feelings of failure and grief over his sister's death, Rimbaud wanders for several years throughout Europe.

Rimbaud's Journeys in Arabia and Africa (04:34)

Rimbaud travels in Arabia and Africa where he is unknown. Archival photographs show parts of his journey, and excerpts from his letters describe his experiences.

Rimbaud's Adventures and Misadventures (05:31)

Ill at ease in life, Rimbaud travels for ten years, working as he goes and writing complaining letters to friends and family. His attempt to deliver arms is costly to him and his caravan, and he is ultimately arrested.

Rimbaud's Health in Decline (04:59)

Rimbaud's life is "boring and mindless," but meanwhile, in Paris, his poetry is popular, thanks to Paul Verlain. In 1891, too ill to travel on foot, porters carry him to the port, where he returns to France and has a leg amputated.

Rimbaud: Final Days and Retrospective (04:15)

Rimbaud's illness worsens, and he dies in November 1891. A video- and photomontage highlights Rimbaud's life and works.

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His incendiary poetry assaulted the constraints of European society, helped to define the Symbolist movement, and influenced generations of later writers—including many Surrealists, Beat poets, and even rockers like Jim Morrison. This program combines a stunning visual biography of Arthur Rimbaud with excerpts from key texts, forging a unique study of the poet’s personality and examining his relationship with his mother and with Paul Verlaine. Images and footage of the settings in which Rimbaud grew up, worked, loved, traveled, and lived out his final years provide a dynamic backdrop for readings from “Le bateau ivre,” Une Saison en Enfer, and several other works and letters. (59 minutes)

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