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Monsoon Rains (02:15)


The northern border of the tropics is marked by the Tropic of Cancer, 23,000 miles across drastically varying terrain. Simon Reeve embarks on the fourth leg of a journey across the Tropic of Cancer, through northern India.

Rann of Kutch (02:29)

In the northwestern state of Gujarat, the Tropic of Cancer begins to cross India. Reeve travels inland with a local guide. They catch a train to Little Rann, a dry, marshy land. The monsoon season promises water-logging, floods, and traffic, according to Reeve's guide.

Eco Warrior (03:00)

Reeve and his crew stop to meet the Maliks, a royal family that once ruled. Dhanraj Malik is now a conservationist managing his family's land. The Indian wild ass, a seriously endangered species, lives in the desert near their land.

Disparity in Wealth (02:06)

The crew departs the desert and enters the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India. The city has a population of over 5 million and was the epicenter of Mahatma Gandhi's campaign against the British. Despite the boom of capitalism in India, many still live in impoverished slums.

The Downpour Begins (02:45)

While Reeve and his companion are standing on a bridge, an accident piles up underneath the rain with many people launched off of motorbikes. Religious conflict in India between Hindus and Muslims wreaks havoc on the city.

Peace Center (02:02)

Reeve visits the Indian SEWA headquarters, a national women's rights organization. Courses bring children from the two religious communities of Hindu and Muslim together with the goal of communal harmony. One of the senior organizers describes the purpose of uniting the children.

Monsoon Preparation (04:00)

Reeve departs Ahmedabad and heads east to Madhya Pradesh where he will visit a Hindu holy city, Ujjain, which lies directly on the Tropic of Cancer. Nearly 75% of India relies on agriculture to make a living. Most farmers rely wholly on the seasonal rains, lacking irrigation technology.

Powerful Political Force (02:44)

Inside a holy temple in Ujjain, Reeve observes the Hindu practices. Hinduism is the world's third-largest religion, and in the last few decades, Hindu nationalism has grown. A member of a nationalist Hindu group assassinated Mahatma Gandhi.

Pesticide Factory (03:47)

Reeve and his tour guide follow the Tropic of Cancer from Ujjain to Bhopal. One of the world's worst industrial accidents occurred in Bhopal in December 1984, when a gas leak killed up to 10,000 people. Reeve visits the site of the accident which is still contaminated.

Proximity of Slums (03:57)

Studies have found mercury and other toxic chemicals in the groundwater, which the people surrounding Bhopal, India drink. Toxic chemicals have wormed into the bodies of the people living in the area and have been found in the breast milk of Indian mothers. Union Carbide maintained that no contamination was evident in the groundwater when it handed the site over to the Indian state in 1998.

King of the Jungle (03:55)

Monsoon clouds arrive late in Bhopal, after the main lake had shrunken drastically from its usual size. Madyha Pradesh is where the story "Jungle Book" was set; Reeve heads to a national park to experience the setting himself, scouting for wildlife.

Real Attraction (02:13)

The elephant Reeve rode into the jungle submerges herself into water and Reeve helps to scrub the big creature clean. Leaving the national park, Reeve's guide spots a tiger's paw prints. Only 1400 Bengal tigers are thought to live in the whole of India, a number so shrunken, the iconic tiger is nearing extinction in India.

Dangerous Area (03:28)

Reeve next travels to Ranchi, Jharkhand and then across the state border into West Bengal. The journey next leads into what is called the Red Corridor, where a communist insurgency in India's central state is housed. Reeve's guide describes the civil war taking place in India.

Roadside Bombs (04:13)

Reeve and his guide travel into the front line with a detachment of Indian soldiers on patrol in the Indian countryside. The detachment has found something beside the road and is suspicious. Reeve interviews a local in the dangerous area who describes police raids and the absence of government assistance.

Problems of India (02:47)

Over 600 million Indians still live in rural poverty, with hardly any change of quality of life in centuries. Reeve makes his final stop in India next, in the city of Kolkata. More than 50 million people reside in the city.

Cheapest Car of India (03:40)

Reeve's guide takes him to a car showroom to view a new vehicle that is expect to revolutionize travel in India. A lottery was held to decide who can buy the car first, as the demand has been so high. A winning man describes the experience to Reeve.

Carp for Lunch (04:03)

At a fish market in Kolkata, Reeve and his guide purchase food for the guide's wife to cook for the crew. The guide lives in a middle class Indian neighborhood with teachers and lawyers. As the guest of honor, Reeve is served the head of the carp they have purchased.

Wildlife Haven (02:56)

Before he leaves India, Reeve rides on his guide's motorbike to the wetlands in Kolkata for a sightseeing experience. A small river of sewage feeds into the wetlands, but the guide says the wetlands act as a natural filter for the sewage, using the mud as manure to grow vegetables along the pond.

Nature Working In Harmony (02:03)

The wetlands produce 13,000 tons of fish per year and 150 tons of vegetables per day. They are the only sewage in the whole of Kolkata. Reeve gives a preview of the next leg of his journey.

Credits: India: Episode 4—Tropic of Cancer (00:36)

Credits: India: Episode 4—Tropic of Cancer

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Simon's journey takes him from the coast of Gujarat in the east of India to Kolkata in the west. Along the way he spots the shy and beautiful Indian wild ass, learns of the violence between Hindus and Muslims in Gandhi's home city of Ahmedabad and visits the site of the world's worst industrial accident in Bhopal.

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