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Northern Border of the Tropics (02:24)


Simon Reeve begins a journey following the Tropic of Cancer, which cuts through Mexico, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and ends in Hawaii. The first segment of the journey begins in Mexico and stretches to the Bahamas.

One & Only Resort (02:07)

Tourism in Cabo San Lucas is dependent on the influx of money from traveling Americans. The area is advertised as a luxury resort destination.

Worker's Living Conditions (03:55)

Reeve tours a luxury villa that begins at $8,000 per night. Workers from the Mexican mainland complete the final touches in the villa. Many of the workers live nearby in plywood structures they must vacate during bad weather; the recession in the United States has trickled down to plunge the workers further into poverty.

Crown of Drug Trafficking (02:27)

Reeve travels to the Mexican mainland, where a conflict rages over drugs. He goes to Culiacán, the headquarters of the Sinaloa cartel, the largest drug gang in the world. The city is one of the most dangerous on Earth.

New Wealth (02:17)

Journalist Javier Valdez shows Reeve around a cemetery in Culiacán. Families connected with the drug industry are proud of their status as gangsters. The cemetery houses the remains of young men.

Collective Paranoia (03:03)

The gang murder rate is among the highest in the world and involves mutilation and revenge killings. Five police officers were executed at a crossroads in the city. Valdez describes the way people have changed their behavior as a result of the violence.

Combating the Drug Trade (03:24)

Culiacán police officers head to patrol a sector of the city and stop at checkpoints around the city with Reeve in tow. On the way, officers spot a car with AK-47s in it, then go to raid a suspected cartel safe house.

Way of Life (02:28)

Malverde is a sort of Robin Hood figure, the saint of the drug dealers. People pray for security on their shipments and protection from law enforcement from the saint at a shrine for narco traffickers.

Wild West (03:36)

Reeve leaves Culiacán and heads in the mountains across the Devil's Spine, traveling onward until he reaches Durango, one of the oldest cities in Mexico. He explores a movie set where film sets used by Hollywood depict western backgrounds.

Corrupt Country (04:45)

Don Antonio who purchased a film set from John Wayne's estate lives in an abandoned train carriage with his family. Reeve, his companion Pepe, and their driver get into an altercation with a taxi driver after a collision on the road and phone the police after a group of drivers block them from leaving a gas station parking lot.

Locked Up and Left (02:15)

Zacatecas is one of the poorest states in Mexico. Miguel Hidalgo is nearly deserted, and the few children that are in school all wish to join their friends and relatives in the United States. More than half the population of the state has migrated to work in the U.S.

Mountain Destruction (03:35)

Reeve arrives in Cerro San Pedro, a 400-year-old village that has been a site of gold mining since the 19th century. Local and experienced mining engineer Mario Martinez believes the mine is an ecological disaster for the area. He tells how the mountain has changed over time because of mining.

Split Community (02:54)

Luis Rodriguez who works with the mining company took Reeve along to see the mine. Viewing the mine allows Reeve to observe how giant the mine is and how close it is to the village.

Female Emancipation (03:34)

Pepe takes Reeve to Mexico City to see a Mexican sport called lucha libre, a type of wrestling. Reeve meets a top female wrestler, La Princessa, who gives him a brief demonstration.

Tropical Island (02:45)

Reeve and Pepe cheer on La Princesa from ringside seats. Leaving Mexico City, Reeve heads to Havana, Cuba. An embargo on Cuba placed by the United States limits trade between the countries, stunting Cuba's technological growth.

Organopónicos System (02:38)

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cubans began planting crops in market gardens to counteract widespread hunger in the country. Hundreds of these gardens exist in Havana now. Over 90 percent of the country's fruits and vegetables are grown organically in such gardens.

Social Hierarchy (02:08)

Communist Cuba distributes goods through state-controlled ration shops. Reeve visits a ration shop and a patron shows him a ration book that limits what Cubans can purchase monthly. Only basic commodities are provided.

Dark Side of the Bahamas (03:39)

1950s Havana lured in rich tourists. Today, Cubans are clamoring to work in the tourism industry while waiting for the embargo to end. Reeve departs Havana and heads to the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau.

Living in Limbo (04:31)

Haitian refugees live in the Bahamas with low-paying jobs, no health care, and constant fear of deportation. The Bahamas can utilize the cheap labor in good times, and kick the refugees out in bad times. Reeve flies to Long Island to continue his journey and links up with a fisherman.

Credits: Mexico to the Bahamas: Episode 1—Tropic of Cancer (00:35)

Credits: Mexico to the Bahamas: Episode 1—Tropic of Cancer

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Simon Reeve begins his epic journey on the Pacific coast of Mexico; moving inland he goes on patrol with a heavily armed police unit, and gets more than he bargained for from a female wrestler. In Havana Simon learns how allotments are helping the Cubans and he finishes up in the Bahamas where he discovers a hidden menace on the beautiful coral reefs.

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