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Tomorrow's Food— Episode 3: Introduction (01:40)


A group of experts will join Dara O Briain on a mission to locate foods of the future.

Meal Replacement Shakes (04:02)

A company designed shakes for those with little time to eat. Chris Bavin and other volunteers eat a final meal before participating in an all liquid diet experiment. See video diary clips.

Quorn Factory (03:43)

O Briain visits a factory that produces a meat alternative from tiny flecks of freeze dried fungus. See Quorn mince.

Kitchen of the Future (02:40)

See a Chinese noodle robot and a pancake bot. Shini Somara demonstrates a device that identifies ingredients placed on a table and recommends recipes.

3D Printed Pasta (03:03)

Chef Angela Hartnett personalizes the type of pasta she wants the printer to make; the printer creates pasta from water and semolina flour.

Printed Food (02:06)

Hartnett cooks the pasta made from the 3D printer. O Briain uses an infrared scanner to create a 3D mold of his face which is then used to make a chocolate lollipop.

Vertical Farming (03:53)

Chris Bavin explores a farm housed in a disused Michigan factory. Blue, red, and green LED lights provide the necessary light for plant growth.

Healthy Chocolate? (03:30)

Food developer Alan Hahn uses the root systems of mushrooms to reduce the bitterness of cacao beans. This technique reduces the amount of sugar necessary to make chocolate taste good.

Belgian Blues (02:08)

People in the U.K. consume over 8,500 tons of meat every day. Farmers raise cows that have 20% more muscle than other cows.

Laboratory Hamburger (02:38)

Prof. Mark Post and his team extract stem cells from a piece of meat and encourage them to reproduce. Post believes the meat will be available in supermarkets in less than 10 years.

Meat Alternative (03:10)

At the Quorn factory, O Briain learns how Quorn obtains the taste and texture of meat. Approximately one third of U.K. households purchase meat alternatives.

Liquid Diet Experiment (02:48)

Volunteers consumed only meal replacement shakes and water for seven days. All the volunteers saved time, but only one will continue replacing meals with shakes.

Genetically Modified Tomatoes (04:28)

Prof. Cathy Martin believes the purple tomatoes can increase human health. She explains the modifications made to tomatoes to produce the superfruit. Liz O'Neill explains the difference between GM and cross-breeding.

Genetically Engineered Goats (02:29)

Prof. Jim Murray modified goats to produce an essential ingredient of human breast milk. A regulatory issue prevents the goat milk from reaching children in countries where diarrhea kills more children than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.

Chef Watson (03:55)

Inventors at IBM programed the artificial intelligence system with recipes, taste preferences, flavor compounds, and more. Hartnett and her sous chef use the program to make a peach pasta.

Unusual Recipes (02:26)

Chef James Briscione uses Chef Watson's suggestions as inspiration to create new recipes. A drone delivers O Briain's coffee order.

Credits: Tomorrow's Food: Episode 3 (01:25)

Credits: Tomorrow's Food: Episode 3

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Tomorrow's Food: Episode 3

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How does Quorn turn tiny specks of fungus into thousands of tons of high-protein food? Dara visits the world’s only Quorn production plant to discover the process from fermentation to freezing and how they make meat-free versions of many favorite foods. Dara also looks into the often controversial world of genetically-modified food. From purple tomatoes that could reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, or even cancer, to goats that produce milk as nutritious as human breast milk, he looks at this hi-tech attempt at making food that could save lives.

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