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Door Installation (03:42)


James May, Ant Anstead ,and Kate Humble report from the Oxford Mini Factory that produces 1,000 customized cars daily. Their car now has an engine, bumper and seats; learn why doors are rerouted before joining the main assembly line to be hung.

Nissan Product Planning (02:43)

Anstead visits a design studio in Central London. Stuart Caligari discusses marketing strategies; including predicting what will be popular in four years. Darryl Scriven used key words to develop a new concept for the Qashqai.

Modeling the Infiniti Q30 (03:37)

Building three dimensional versions helps designers to visualize new products. Machines mill a rough version from a clay block; skilled clay modeling artists finish by hand.

Working on a Production Line (01:33)

While his car gets a steering wheel mounted, May helps install headlights on another Mini.

Sound in Car Design (02:18)

Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman demonstrates muted tones of a door opening. Electronic sounds are also engineered; hear the BMW I3C belt warning.

Creating the Aston Martin Door Sound (02:55)

May visits an anechoic chamber, where a technician uses an acoustic camera to test door slamming. The program displays loudness in color; tone quality can be adjusted through engineering.

Mini Quality Control (03:14)

Chris tests how the car functions in extreme cold. Jody takes finished products on a test drive over bumpy surfaces to listen for rattles and loose parts.

Kate's Listening Driving Test (02:59)

Jody loosens a part inside a Mini. Humble attempts to identify where the rattling is coming from as she drives it on a test track with rumble strips.

Securing the Wheels (02:16)

May uses a five spindle multi-nut runner to attach wheels to a Mini on the production line. The tool communicates with the system for quality control.

Validation and Functional Testing (02:23)

Each Mini is scanned and entered into a computer; employees set the suspension and lights settings. It then enters the rolling road, a treadmill for cars, for high speed performance monitoring.

Virtual Reality in Car Design (01:51)

Jaguar Land Rover uses a 3D "cave" to explore interior details in life-sized scale. Engineers can make quick changes, rather than producing time consuming prototypes.

Jaguar Land Rover Quality Control (03:39)

Jim Nash shows Humble around a lab that tests vehicle durability over a 10 year life span. Robots simulate human bodies entering and exiting seats, and open and close doors 18,000 times. Mass production begins when all components are approved.

Validation Process (02:00)

Minis go through a final quality control test before leaving the factory. Employees check seats, body, paint, and other details as if they were the customer.

Transporting Finished Minis (03:11)

From the factory, new cars are loaded onto trains. May drives a Clubman onto a specially designed wagon; the 684 meter train carries 300 cars to the port of Southampton.

Shipping Minis (04:25)

Over one million British vehicles are exported annually, including tractors and cranes. May drives a Mini onto a cargo ship destined for California and Japan; learn about loading logistics.

Future of Car Technology (01:50)

May's Mini is nearing completion; the final production step is diagnostics. Cars have increasingly "smart" features; a Volkswagen model parks itself.

Autonomous Car Technology (03:29)

Anstead accompanies an engineer testing a driver-less BMW in Germany. Human unpredictability remains a challenge for prototypes. Most major manufacturers have autonomous programs.

Autonomous Car Safety (02:51)

Research shows humans are poor monitors of driver-less car systems; Dr. Natasha Merat says full automation is 20 years away. Anstead participates in a simulation testing his reaction to a malfunction. The Mini built for May, Humble, and Anstead finishes its production journey.

Credits: Building Cars: Episode 3 (00:38)

Credits: Building Cars: Episode 3

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James May tests his wheel fitting skills on the assembly line and learns how to engineer the sound of a car door. Kate Humble gets to the bottom of how manufacturers test car seats and Ant Anstead heads to Germany to put his faith in a driverless car on the autobahn. Inside the factory, James and the team race against the clock to keep our car on track. Will it be finished on time?

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