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Giant's Causeway (00:60)


Simon Reeve begins the second leg of his journey around Ireland at one of the world's wonders. According to legend, giants used it as a road between Ireland and Scotland. Links between the two date to the Stone Age.

Rathlin Island (02:16)

Reeve visits a mixed Catholic and Protestant community with resident Kate Burns. It escaped sectarianism during the Troubles; people work and go to school together while the mainland is still segregated.

Kelp Farming (03:24)

Kate cultivates and sells seaweed as a superfood. She has licensed 22 acres of ocean for the business that will help sustain Rathlin Island's economy.

Film Set Landscape (02:34)

Reeve drives down the Causeway Coastal Route to Belfast. Game of Thrones is filmed in Northern Ireland, boosting the economy and creating jobs. Tourists gather at the Dark Hedges road.

Peace in Belfast (03:34)

Reeve finds Northern Ireland's capital city beautiful. It has been redeveloped since the Good Friday Agreement; most residents want to move on from the Troubles. Comedian Jake O'Keane discusses positive social changes and finding middle ground between Catholics and Protestants.

Belfast Orangefest (04:39)

Reeve visits a Belfast "peace wall" constructed since the Good Friday Peace Agreement. A march celebrates the Battle of the Boyne that secured Protestant dominance for generations. Residents of Loyalist Ardoyne and Nationalist Ardoyne feel equally besieged.

Managing a Stalemate (04:48)

While Protestants celebrate the Battle of the Boyne, Catholics brace for violence. Police restrict a Loyalist parade from marching through a Nationalist neighborhood; rioters start throwing bottles and bricks. Reeve concludes that the peace process has progressed little.

Breaking Down Barriers in Northern Ireland (04:25)

For most Belfast residents, sectarianism is a thing of the past. Unionist Linda Irvine teaches the Irish language, traditionally associated with Catholic Nationalists; she sees Gaelic as a way to unify the two communities.

Siege of Drogheda Controversy (04:10)

In 1649, Oliver Cromwell attacked the Irish town to prevent an army from assembling. Local historian Tom Reilly explains both the conventional view that Cromwell massacred all civilians, and a new argument that he was framed. After the battle, English oppression increased.

Dublin Nationalism (03:07)

Sinn Fein organizes a parade and funeral reenactment marking the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Uprising. In 1922, the island was partitioned and Northern Ireland remained part of the U.K. The hope for a united Ireland is gone.

Remembering the Easter Uprising (03:48)

Manahan Mangan is descended from the O'Rahilly, one of the revolutionary leaders. He explains the role of the Dublin post office in the rebellion and the Irish national identity. He believes globalization is the future.

Ireland's Cultural Shift (04:04)

Until recently, the Catholic Church was central in society. In 2015, Ireland surprised the world by legalizing gay marriage. Reeve attends Dublin's LGBT film festival to learn about the campaign. Activists agree that Irish people want social freedom.

Wicklow Mountains Monkey Sanctuary (05:32)

From Dublin, Reeve drives to a national park where Willy Heffernan rescues primates once subjected to lab experiments. He funds the project with his own pension.

Journey's End (00:48)

Reeve reflects on his trip around Ireland. Despite historic divisions, he feels that citizens of the Republic and of Northern Ireland have many similarities.

Credits: Ireland with Simon Reeve: Episode 2 (00:29)

Credits: Ireland with Simon Reeve: Episode 2

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Starting at the spectacular Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, Simon travels down the east coast to the great and rapidly changing cities of Belfast and Dublin. He ends his journey in the stunning Wicklow Mountains.

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