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Introduction: Greece with Simon Reeve: Episode 2 (01:34)


See excerpts from this second episode of a two-part series in which Simon Reeve travels from the Peloponnese peninsula to the rugged and mountainous north of this troubled country.

Shipping Industry's Bleak Future (04:20)

The industry has made some Greeks very rich; Greek firms control the world's largest merchant shipping fleet by tonnage, including 1/4 of the world's oil tankers. The Perama shipyard once employed 15,000 workers; today, only a handful of men refurbish a single ferry.

Greece's Modern Slavery (05:38)

Reeve visits Greece's agricultural heartland where most of the country's olive oil comes from. On a lucrative strawberry farm, Bangladeshi migrants tell Reeve about their low wages and primitive living conditions. Many of them are employed illegally in the black economy by unscrupulous firms and farmers.

Greece's Military Spending (04:11)

Reeve rides an intercity train to Greece's North; hear about the railway's huge drain on the country. Arriving in Thessaloniki, Reeve watches a national parade commemorating Greece's heroic resistance in WWII. Hear about the country's extraordinary military spending and how Germany contributed to the financial crisis.

Bouzoukia Club and Vikos Gorge (03:47)

Reeve enjoys a drink and throwing carnations at a performer in a Thessaloniki nightclub. See one of the world's deepest gorges.

Arcturos Bear Sanctuary (02:47)

Bears that live in this protected environment have been rescued from people around the region who were keeping them for entertainment. Hear about Greece's tradition of dancing bears and the cruel training procedure.

Meet Ushka (02:23)

A fractured spine prevents this young bear from using his rear legs. He does not like the ointment that is used to treat the sores he gets from dragging himself around.

Protecting Sheep and Wildlife (02:05)

Meet a local shepherd and hear how he and others are returning to the old-fashioned way of protecting their herds. Rather than continue to shoot wolves and bears, shepherds are employing sheepdogs to scare away predators.

Powering Greece: Coal Mining (02:09)

This industry began in the 1950s and helped transform Greece. Three thousand people work year round operating a 30 square mile coalfield. Half of Greece's total electricity needs are met by burning coal from these mines.

Coal Mine Blasting (03:01)

Miners blast up to 557 feet below the surface, several times a day, to reach the coal. Reeve sees the process up close. There is only 60 seconds to evacuate the area after the fuse is lit.

Coal Mining: Environmental Disaster (03:16)

Every day, nine giant machines dig 65,000 tons of coal from the blasted ground. Hear about the environmental costs of coal mining for Greece and why it has no intention of stopping any time soon.

High Road Death Rates (01:29)

Many Greeks refuse to wear a seatbelt and purchase a spare buckle to silence the seat belt indicator warning. Shrines dedicated to survivors, or those killed, dot the roadsides.

Influence of Greek Orthodoxy (03:36)

Reeve travels by ferry to the ancient monasteries of Mount Athos. The church was at the forefront of the battle for independence from Muslim rule in the 1800s. Temptations, such as women and meat, are not allowed on Mount Athos.

Sneaking Into the Esphigmenou Monastery (02:40)

Reeve must travel in darkness to the monastery that is now isolated from the Orthodox Church. Rebel monks have a smuggling route to get supplies in and out. He arrives after an hour ride, on a dirt road, in the back of a pickup.

Esphigmenou Monastery: Living in Isolation (03:21)

Father Methodius leads the 120 monks who live in the 1000 year old monastery. He explains why they severed ties with the Greek Orthodox Church. Considered squatters, they must rely solely on themselves for survival.

Rebel Monks: Making Do (03:12)

Reeve visits the workshop where all repairs and building are done by the monks. Though they survive on the bare necessities, they enjoy some homemade Ouzo, which they share with Reeve.

Muslim Community (04:17)

Reeve rides with an English teacher to a region that is home to 100,000 Muslims. This centuries old community, annexed with Greece in the early 1900s, has only recently become more open to the rest of Greece. A state-paid Greek teacher works in the community to encourage integration.

A Return to the Land (03:28)

Like hundreds of thousands of Greeks, Pavlos Georgiadis left his country when the economic crisis hit. Returning to take over his family's olive grove; he hopes to inspire others and contribute to a better future for the generations to come.

Final Thoughts (01:06)

Reeve is hopeful that Georgiadis and millions more like him will work to build a new system to replace the corrupted one controlled by the old elites.

Credits: Greece with Simon Reeve: Episode 2 (00:32)

Credits: Greece with Simon Reeve: Episode 2

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Simon Reeve travels from the Peloponnese peninsula to the rugged and mountainous north of the country. To learn more about Greece and the Greeks, he meets an extraordinary cast of characters, from a group of rebel monks to conservationists caring for an injured bear cub. Getting behind the picture postcard image of this beautiful country, he finds out how the Greeks are coming to terms with a seemingly endless crisis.

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