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The Serial Killer Next Door (03:10)


Professor David Wilson profiles serial killers and examines their childhoods to discover why they murder. Steve Wright lived in an ordinary house in an ordinary town but craved celebrity. By listening to analysis on the news that Professor Wilson provided, Wright was able to alter his modus operandi to avoid detection. (Credits)

Ipswich's Red Light District (03:49)

Tania Nicol started prostituting herself after she became addicted to drugs. Her mother reported her missing but was unaware she worked as a sex worker. The women trusted Wright because he was a regular John.

Victims Discovered (02:25)

A water bailiff discovers the body of Gemma Adams. The following week, the body of Nicols and an unidentified woman were located. Wright waited two weeks between killing Nicol and Adams, but that interval would shorten.

Living in the Red Light District (02:03)

Wright wanted more out of life than working as a forklift operator— he attempted suicide twice. On October 30th, Nicol could not have suspected Wright possessed psychopathic tendencies.

Childhood (02:06)

Wright's family moved frequently and they never suspected he had psychopathic tendencies. When Conrad Wright's job relocated him back to England, his mother deserted the family. Wright left school, got married, and had a child.

Dream Job (03:23)

The Queen Elizabeth two hired Wright and he started using prostitutes regularly, craved attention, and took risks. He got married, divorced, and attempted to commit suicide twice.

Narcissistic Personality (03:24)

After Wright embezzled from customers at a bar in Felixstowe, his DNA was entered into a criminal database. He got a new job as a forklift operator, met Pamela, and fell in love. When the couple moved to London Road, he could not resist the temptation to start bringing prostitutes home while Pamela was at work.

Murder Spree (03:24)

After Wright killed Nicol, he murdered Adams, who started working the streets to pay for her addiction to heroin. Paula Clennell started abusing heroin again after social services took away her children. A reporter interviewed because she continued to prostitute herself in spite of the serial killer.

Forensically Aware Murderer (05:17)

After Wright began to listen to the news, he changed his M.O. and posed the body. Wilson came to Ipswich to report on the case. A woman discovered the body of Anneli Alderton, who was posed in the cruciform position.

Serial Killer at Large (01:55)

Wright decided to dump Alderton in Nacton and pose her in the cruciform position. Reporters called him the "Ipswich Ripper." Forensic teams worked to discover clues to the murderer's identity.

Police Flood Red Light District (02:34)

Prostitutes began to turn tricks in a wider area. Annette Nicholls took courses in college but became addicted to drugs. Wright drove her to a location a mile and a half away from Alderton's body, strangled her, and placed her in the cruciform position— Wright helped Clennell obtain drugs.

Final Victim (02:47)

Wright searched for Clennell. A police helicopter discovered Clennell's body, located only a few yards from Nicholls' location. Experts, family members, and residents describe their reactions at learning another two corpses were found.

Classic Serial Killer Behavior (02:30)

Serial Killers return to the scene of the crime and enjoy confusing a police investigation. Forensic teams discovered DNA evidence on Alderton, Nicholls, and Clennell's corpses. Police tied Wright to the crimes.

Ordinary Man, Ordinary Town (02:20)

Police combed through CCTV cameras in Ipswich and discovered Wright drove through town at the same time the victims went missing and arrested him on December 19th. Wright's DNA was found on Clennell, Nicholls, and Alderton. Fiber evidence tied Wright to all five victims.

The Trial (02:54)

Police interviewed Wright, but he only replied "No Comment." Pleading not guilty, he explained that he had sex with all the victims except Nicols, which is how the DNA and fiber evidence got on the prostitutes. While Wright no longer protests his innocence, he has not accepted culpability for his actions.

Credits: Steve Wright: First Kill, Last Kill (00:31)

Credits: Steve Wright: First Kill, Last Kill

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This video profiles Steve Wright, who murdered five prostitutes in 2006. Professor David Wilson explores the life and psychological motivation behind the Suffolk Strangler.

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