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Introduction to Dennis Rader (02:57)


Professor David Wilson examines the lives and crimes of serial killers. Dennis Rader tortured his victims before murdering them. The BTK (bind, torture, kill) killer sent police clues and hints as to his identity. (Credits)

January 15th, 1974 (02:30)

Charlie Otero recalls the day he discovered his parents and siblings murdered. Randy Stone describes how the Wichita Police Department did not realize it was a serial killer.

Gruesome First Murders (03:42)

When Joey Otero opened the back door to take out the garbage, Rader confronted him. The BTK killer stalked and documented women within his neighborhood, calling them projects— Rader called Josephine Otero "project little Mex." After he hung Josephine, he sexually assaulted her.

Childhood (03:47)

When Rader was seven he remembers his grandmother garroting the chickens and confesses he became sexually aroused. Wilson examines Rader's childhood for clues of his murderous tendencies. Suspicious activity includes torturing and killing animals

Adulthood (02:25)

Rader broke into women's homes, stole their underwear, and dressed up in it. Two years before the murders started occurring, Rader married Paula and they settled in Park City. In the family home, Rader managed to hide his planning and trophies away from his wife.

Second Murder (03:04)

Calling Kathryn Bright "project light out," Rader broke into her house, stabbed her and shot her brother. After evading capture, the BTK killer started writing letters to the Wichita Eagle, worried that someone would take credit for his murders.

Paula Gives Birth (02:50)

Rader stopped killing temporarily, but after the thrill of his autoerotic games subsided, he wanted to strangle another. The BTK killer chose Shirley Vian at random and was interrupted before he could live out his sexual fantasies.

Project Foxhunt (03:47)

Rader stalked Nancy Fox, broke into her house, and spent time killing her— he describes her death as his best kill. The BTK Killer wrote another letter to the Wichita Eagle claiming responsibility for all seven murders. During a seven-year break, Rader helped out in his local church and volunteered at the Boy Scouts.

Pregnant Again (02:16)

Donna Berry thought they were the family next door— she describes Rader as very pleasant and congenial. During "project cookie," Rader chose his next victim on the same street as he lived, strangled Marine Hedge in her bed, took pictures of her at the local church, and dumped her body outside of Wichita.

Project Piano (02:38)

Pretending to be an electrician, Rader tortured and strangled Vicky Wegerle. The Police Department coordinated "Ghostbusters," a secret task force created to apprehend the BTK killer. The investigation hit a stumbling block when Rader stopped killing again.

Project Dogside (03:32)

Rader broke a window getting into the home. He tied Delores Davis up, strangled her, and dumped her body in Northern Sedgwick County. A couple of days after the murder, he visited her corpse, placed a mask on her face, and took pictures.

Returning to the Community (03:40)

Berry remembers how Rader shot two dogs in front of her children. When the Wichita Eagle ran an article on the memorializing the Otero murders, Rader could not resist resurfacing— he sent two photographs and a copy of Wegerle's driver's license.

Not Crime Scene Photos (02:03)

Police realized that the BTK killer took these pictures prior to dumping the body because the poses were different. After drawing Rader out by communicating with him through the Wichita Eagle, Landwehr lied that he could not trace a floppy disk.

Disk Traced to Christ Lutheran Church (04:42)

Randy Stone identified the BTK killer as Dennis Rader. On February 25th, 2005, police arrested him. Watch the judge interrogate Rader about his murders— family members describe the legacy of the BTK killer.

Credits: Dennis Rader: First Kill, Last Kill (00:32)

Credits: Dennis Rader: First Kill, Last Kill

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This video profiles Dennis Rader, a serial killer who murdered ten victims over a thirty year period. Professor David Wilson explores the life and behavior of the BTK killer on this episode of First Kill, Last Kill

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