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Examining Serial Killers (02:57)


John Duffy and David Mulcahy raped women over 60 women and killed three. After Duffy was arrested, Mulcahy did not offend again and evaded capture for an additional 15 years. (Credits)

The First Murder (02:41)

Duffy and Mulcahy raped and murdered Alison Day near the Hackney Wick train station. The Railway Killers stuffed her pockets full of rocks to weigh her body down and dropped her into the River Lee. Peter Kelly describes the Spanish windlass the killers created.

Why Did They Rape? (02:36)

Both killers held down jobs and were married. Duffy and Mulcahy committed their crimes close to railway stations with overgrown forestry located nearby. The search for the Railway Rapists was nicknamed "Operation Hart."

Childhood (03:58)

Duffy and Mulcahy were born in Ireland, but moved to London when they were young. Mulcahy tortured his cousin by throwing him in an ice water bath and killed a hedgehog on the school playground. Most serial killers are unable to empathize with others.

Drifted Between Jobs (02:39)

Mulcahy attempted to strangle a woman while working as a mini-cab driver. He and Mulcahy dominated their wives in the bedroom. The killers concocted an unsuccessful plan to hide in a woman's home, attack her when she came home, and hold her hostage for the weekend.

Three Years Between Attacks (02:43)

When Duffy realized he had a low sperm count, he began to beat his wife, and tried to commit suicide. Mulcahy suggested that they try to rape another woman. In 1982, they raped for the first time near Hampstead Heath.

No Set Pattern of Attacks (03:25)

Duffy and Mulcahy told the women that she would be attacked again if she reported the crime. The duo raped women mainly in northwest London near railway lines. "Operation Hart" drew up a list of suspects and John Duffy was brought in for a line-up, but the victim failed to implicate him.

Three Women in One Night (04:41)

Four months after being released for raping his wife, Duffy murdered Day with Mulcahy. In Surrey, the killers attacked and killed 15-year-old Maartje Tamboezer. Afterward, they set her body on fire to destroy any forensic evidence.

"Operation Hart" Asks for Help (03:24)

Dr. David Canter analyzed the evidence and interpreted details about the killer's location and socio-economic class. When police cross-referenced the suspect pool with Canter's theories, they targeted Duffy as the likely perpetrator.

The Last Victim (03:55)

Duffy and Mulcahy set a trap for Anne Locke by hiding her bicycle. The serial killers dragged her into the woods where they raped and murdered her. Nine weeks later, police discovered Locke's body.

Duffy Questioned (02:11)

Duffy contacted Detective Peter Kelly after he slid a note under Duffy's door. Police questioned Duffy and asked him for a blood sample— he refused. Police released Duffy for lack of evidence.

Plan to Avoid Questioning (03:22)

Duffy persuaded a friend to punch him in the face, feigned amnesia, and was sent to a psychiatric facility— police were not allowed to interview him. He raped a 14-year-old girl within 24 hours of being released— she identified him in a line-up. Duffy was convicted of two murders and four rapes, but was acquitted of raping and murdering Locke.

Duffy's Accomplice (02:58)

In 1997, Duffy implicated Mulcahy when Bolland visited him in prison. Bolland describes the five-day interrogation. After Duffy was arrested, Mulcahy did not re-offend.

Mulcahy Arrested (02:39)

Mulcahy answered, "No comment" to every question the police asked him during the interrogation. DNA and fingerprint evidence proved that he raped and murdered several women. In February 2001, Mulcahy was convicted and sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Credits: John Duffy and David Mulcahy: First Kill, Last Kill (00:30)

Credits: John Duffy and David Mulcahy: First Kill, Last Kill

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Professor David Wilson profiles the lives and crimes of John Duffy and David Mulcahy on this episode of First Kill, Last Kill. Experts believe The Railway Killers killed three women and raped over sixty. 

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