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Middle-Class Background (02:27)


Joanna Dennehy murdered three men within 10 days in 2013. As a student, Dennehy excelled in both academics and sports. Her parents, Kevin and Kathleen, hoped that she would go to college and study law. (Credits)

What Went Wrong? (02:46)

In her mid-teens, Dennehy's personality changed and she started drinking and taking drugs. At age 15, she began a relationship with John Treanor. Treanor explains that their relationship deteriorated after their first child was born— Dennehy was 17.

Unable to Parent (02:11)

Dennehy hated her mother and self-harmed. Treanor tried to help but had to work and care for their daughter. After Dennehy started to physically abuse Treanor, he moved in with his mother.

Turn to Crime (02:37)

After Dennehy served a prison sentence for burglary, she wanted to make amends with Treanor. She started drinking and doing drugs again while recuperating from the birth of her second child. When she pulled a knife on Treanor, he fled with their two children.

Psychological Tests in 2012 (02:50)

Doctors diagnosed Dennehy with anti-social personality disorder while she was incarcerated for theft. After settling in Peterborough, she met Kevin Lee. They began an affair and she stopped taking the medication that controlled her psychopathy.

Started as a Flirtation (02:24)

Dennehy invited Lukasz Slaboszewski to her apartment, they drank alcohol, and he began to flirt with her. She blindfolded him, making believe it was a sex game and then stabbed him in the heart with a pocket knife.

Accomplices (03:10)

Dennehy manipulated men and convinced Gary Stretch to abet. Leslie Layton helped Gary Stretch dispose of Slaboszewski's body. After ten days, Dennehy realized the body needed to be moved and persuaded Layton and Stretch to relocate it.

The Second Victim (02:44)

John Chapman rented a room from Kevin Lee and was an alcoholic loner. Dennehy convinced Chapman to let her into his room, plied him with alcohol, and after he passed out stabbed him once in the neck and five times in the chest.

The Third Victim (03:59)

Hours after dumping Chapman's body, Dennehy invited Lee to her apartment. David Wilson believes Lee suffered from hybristophilia. Dennehy dressed Lee in a sequined gown prior to murdering him and dumped his body in Newborough.

Finding the Bodies (02:08)

Slaboszewski and Chapman's bodies were not discovered until days later. Lee's family noticed his disappearance immediately and his body was located. Investigators identified Dennehy as a suspect.

Cross Country Spree (03:39)

Dennehy and Stretch left Peterborough and traveled to Norfolk. After committing a burglary, they sought out Mark Lloyd to help fence stolen goods. Dennehy wanted to kill nine people to emulate Bonnie and Clyde.

Arriving in Hereford (01:59)

Lloyd hoped the journey would end, but witnessed Stretch selecting Robin Bereza as the next victim. She attacked him, climbed back into the car, and asked Stretch for a victim with a dog. She stabbed John Rodgers over 40 times and stole his dog.

Both Victims Survived (03:56)

Dennehy's star tattoo linked the attacks in Hereford with the murders in Peterborough. Lloyd recalls Dennehy's arrest and lack of remorse. The next day, police discovered the bodies of Slaboszewski and Chapman.

Dennehy Charged (02:31)

Police compiled a complete timeline of the history of Dennehy's movements. Her defense attorney tried to enter a plea of not-guilty by reason of insanity, but Dennehy decided to plead guilty. A forensic psychiatrist diagnosed her sadomasochistic tendencies.

Old Bailey for Sentencing (04:32)

Stretch, Layton, and Dennehy reunited prior to the sentencing. Lloyd testified against her and her accomplices. Layton received fourteen years, Stretch secured life imprisonment, and Dennehy became the third woman in the UK to get a life imprisonment sentence.

Credits: Joanna Dennehy: First Kill, Last Kill (00:32)

Credits: Joanna Dennehy: First Kill, Last Kill

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This video profiles Joanna Dennehy, a serial killer who murdered three men and stabbed two more in 2013. Professor David Wilson explores the life and behavior of this murderess on this episode of First Kill, Last Kill

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