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Danielle's Cause (01:54)


An Oxford educated climate change activist works for an environmental non-profit and is part of a radical cell targeting global energy giants. They plan illegal occupations to draw attention to the issue.

Occupying West Burton Power Station (03:22)

Danielle's group occupies the Nottinghamshire station—scaling chimneys, risking arrest for aggravated trespassing, and camping on platforms for a week. They stop 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions and cost £5 million in revenue loss. She discusses making career sacrifices.

Phoebe and Jane's Cause (03:12)

Sibling animal rights activists target London retailers selling rabbit fur products. The sisters research cruelty online and protest businesses using animals for food, entertainment, or fur.

Protesting French Connection (01:46)

Phoebe and Jane vowed to protest until rabbit fur is eradicated from High Street. One brand maintains they source fur ethically; the sisters confront them and are escorted from the shop. They discuss devoting their lives to the cause.

Animal Police (03:13)

Jane and Phoebe post protest videos for online followers. They try to gain access to Zippos Circus; employees call the police. The sisters work as dog walkers during the week and devote weekends to activism. Jane discusses friends unable to relate to her cause.

Sarah's Cause (04:11)

Sarah fights for housing rights by occupying a vacant council apartment at Carpenter's Estate. She and her mother were homeless for a year; she channeled anger into activism. Sarah solicits media attention before her group is evicted or arrested.

Fracking Protest Operation (03:03)

Danielle spent months planning to occupy energy company Cuadrilla's offices in Lancashire. Decoy activists are intercepted as her group waits to enter the building.

Occupying Cuadrilla's Offices (02:27)

Danielle's group pushes energy company employees out to avoid false imprisonment claims. She calls her lawyer for advice on rights if they are arrested; she risks a criminal record for climate activism. Other protestors arrive in solidarity.

Yas' Cause (02:41)

Yas wants to eradicate sexism from the media. She stages a protest of The Sun's Page Three tabloids and waits to intercept Rupert Murdoch. She became an activist at age 16, enduring harassment from schoolmates.

No More Page 3 Campaign (02:29)

Yas works to end sexism in The Sun. She collected 200,000 signatures through social media; Murdoch remains unresponsive. Yas plans to appear in tabloid photos wearing her campaign T-shirt, but Murdoch slips by unnoticed.

Protesting the British Heart Foundation (04:21)

Phoebe and Jane protest at a fundraising event benefiting a non-profit that does some testing on animals. Organizers and runners are confused and angry; the sisters believe they are doing the right thing.

Direct Action against Climate Change (03:14)

Danielle's group barricaded itself in Cuadrilla's headquarters to protest fracking; media coverage grows. Supporters warn protestors the police will storm the building. They escape through a window and blend in with other protesters—escaping arrest.

Direct Action for Housing Rights (02:26)

Sarah is in charge of raising media interest around a Carpenter's Estate apartment occupation. Russell Brand visits protesters for his popular YouTube news show. The campaign reaches 9 million followers on Twitter.

Direct Action for Women's Rights (02:42)

Yas waits outside the Sun building to intercept Murdoch. She has been targeted by online harassment for the No More Page 3 Campaign. Her group gets their message across as he gets into his car.

Living for a Cause (03:39)

Jane and Phoebe are trying to convert their brother and father to veganism. Their father is proud of their activism. They take the message to fast food restaurants in London, and believe they have saved animals by increasing public awareness.

Housing Rights Hearing (02:46)

Carpenter's Estate occupiers face eviction and arrest. Sarah uses social media to gather supporters and journalists at a local courthouse. All the major networks cover the event.

Activist Victories (02:47)

Yas' campaigning paid off; The Sun has agreed to remove Page 3. The Carpenter's Estates will move 40 people back into vacant housing units; Sarah discusses how direct action transforms the lives of poor, uneducated, young women.

Changing the World (03:24)

Danielle continues fighting climate change; Yas will fight the reinstatement of Page 3 in the Sun; Sarah reflects on her housing rights victory. Phoebe and Jane announce French Connection's decision to stop carrying products made with angora.

Credits: Fighting the System (00:38)

Credits: Fighting the System

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Few people have the commitment to turn their backs on friends, family and security for the sake of something they passionately believe in. Even fewer have the strength to do it when they've just entered adulthood, but today there is a growing number of young people whose frustration and lack of faith in parliament is driving them to take matters into their own hands. This program meets the environmental activists taking over a power station, the feminists confronting Rupert Murdoch and his entourage, and the animal rights champions invading high street stores. It offers a genuine insight into their beliefs and asks why so many are choosing this way of life, sometimes with serious consequences.

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