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E-Cigarettes: Introduction (02:00)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of electronic cigarettes and the controversy surrounding them.

First Time Smoker (02:37)

While hooked to monitors, Michael Mosley smokes for the first time; nicotine reaches his brain in 10 seconds. Despite known dangers, 10 million people in the U.K. smoke; half will die from smoking-related diseases.

Vaping (02:10)

E-cigarettes are marketed as less harmful than conventional cigarettes. Mosley talks with individuals who vape on a regular basis. Volunteers who are ready to quit smoking will participate in an experiment to identify the effects of e-cigarettes.

Quitting Experiment (03:47)

Behavioral scientists lead an experiment on the effects of e-cigarettes and tobacco. Volunteers are divided into four groups, each with a different method to stop smoking. They undergo an array of health tests to obtain baseline measurements.

Vaping availability (02:40)

E-cigarettes gained popularity quickly; many countries prohibited their use. The U.K. made e-cigarettes widely available to help reduce smoking. Mosley will test e-cigarettes to discover their effects on a healthy non-smoker.

Mimicking a Regular User (03:31)

All e-cigarettes work on the same principle. Mosley chooses an e-cigarette and flavoring, and vapes for the first time. Dr. Lynn Dawkins creates a vaping schedule for Mosley to follow and describes possible side effects.

First E-cigarette (02:36)

Hon Lik invented the electronic cigarette after several failed attempts to quit smoking. The product gained in popularity and large corporations got involved. Experts reflect on the behavior of big tobacco companies.

Smoke vs. Vapor (02:47)

David O'Reilly states that the process of combustion makes a plant toxic; e-cigarettes provide nicotine and flavor without combustion. British American Tobacco sells e-cigarettes and e-liquids. O'Reilly reveals scans that show chemicals in e-cigarettes versus chemicals in a real cigarette.

Scratch Tests (03:50)

In a healthy person, a tear in the cells that line the blood vessels repairs itself rapidly. See what happens when tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapor are introduced

Quitting Experiment: Week One (02:02)

Volunteers describe their experience thus far. Reports claim that chemicals in e-liquids are potentially toxic.

Inhaling Flavors (04:51)

A toxicologist investigates the effects of flavors in e-liquids and tobacco smoke using living cells grown from a human airway. Menthol resulted in a 25% cell survival rate, piña colada resulted in a 53% cell survival rate, and tobacco resulted in a 5% cell survival rate.

Passive Vaping (02:57)

Dr. Mark Travers' research help get smoking banned in restaurants and pubs. He studies the effects of e-cigarette vapor in the air and determines there is a large variability in exposure.

What is in Vapor? (02:00)

E-cigarettes do not release carbon monoxide. Propylene glycol and glycerin are the main particles present in e-cigarette vapor; the potential health effects are unknown.

Addictive Substance (01:40)

Evidence suggests that e-cigarette vapor is less harmful than second-hand tobacco smoke, but it releases nicotine. Mosley worried he would become addicted to nicotine once he started vaping. Studies reveal that most regular e-cigarette users are ex-smokers.

Quitting Experiment: Week Four (03:42)

Volunteers describe their experience and undergo an array of health tests. Hear how each successful each group was in quitting smoking and how their tests compare to baseline results.

Quitting Experiment: Review (02:05)

Tests reveal that volunteers who used nicotine replacement therapy had a greater improvement in airway resistance than those who used e-cigarettes. Mosley reflects on the experiment and use of e-cigarettes.

Mosley's Vaping Results (03:39)

Mosley undergoes testing to determine the effects of vaping on his lungs. Tests reveal airway inflammation and an increase in macrophages in his lungs.

E-cigarette Benefits (02:03)

How an e-cigarette is used determines whether or not it is a health benefit. Mosley reflects on the results of the quitting experiment and his vaping experience; long-term effects remain unknown.

Credits: E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? (00:33)

Credits: E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?

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Are e-cigarettes one of the greatest breakthroughs of the modern age? Or just another way to keep us addicted to nicotine? In the last ten years, e-cigarettes have exploded into our lives. Because of their rapid rise, science is scrabbling to keep up with their effects, and the experts are bitterly divided. This BBC Horizon program investigates this new phenomenon with a unique experiment on a group of heavy smokers who are desperate to quit. How does inhaling an e-cigarette compare to more traditional methods of quitting?

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