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George Sand: Marriage (05:04)


Born in 1804, George Sand (pseudonym for Amandine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin) has a very liberal upbringing, marries a baron, and has two children. However, she soon reacts against the constraints of a traditional marriage.

George Sand: Writer and Rebel (02:24)

George Sand begins writing as a journalist for the satirical press. “Indiana” wins international critical acclaim and makes Sand, in the minds of many of her contemporaries, no less than the spokesperson of her age. She is regarded as an advocate for feminism.

George Sand in Venice (07:37)

Sand draws her literary inspirations from her own life, a life of adventure and discovery. Sand has a passionate love affair with the notorious poet Musset and also develops a deep love for Italy. Sand writes novels in Venice and enjoys an affair with Dr. Pagello.

George Sand's Emotional Extensions (04:34)

For Sand, going home means peace and relaxation, yet an ironic twist of fate upends her therapeutic stay at home—she falls in love with her attorney, who strongly influences her political convictions. As a mother, Sand may have been too much of a perfectionist.

Sand's Love of Traditional Music (02:59)

A great fan of Chopin and Liszt, Sand also enjoys traditional and regional music, and does much to promote it. Her influence is powerful enough to sustain musical traditions that might otherwise have died out.

George Sand and Chopin in Spain (07:12)

Chopin's productivity flourishes at Nohant, Sand's manor house in central France. There he composes three-quarters of his masterpieces. In 1838, Sand, her children, and Chopin spend time in Majorca, where Chopin shows signs of tuberculosis.

George Sand: Socialist (07:08)

In Paris, Sand defines her political position on socialism, revealing her sympathy with the poor and oppressed. In 1848, the Revolution explodes in Paris. At a time when women have no political rights, Sand starts her own newspaper and writes profusely for the Republic.

George Sand the Writer (03:55)

"Le Meunier D'Angibault" deals with social classes and inequality. Sand is not only a prolific writer, but she writes with eloquence, humor, elegance, and a deep understanding of human nature.

George Sand and Traditional Culture (02:37)

In "Les Maitres Sonneurs," Sand writes about gifted musicians and the driving force of music. Her novels also reflect her fascination with rustic legends, twilight, and mysterious evening shadows. She is considered a pioneer of French ethnography.

George Sand: Public and Private (02:11)

"Le Peche de Monsieur Antoine" evokes the industrialization of the Berry region of France, and of man's exploitation of man. To many people, Sand's novels are shocking. Sand and her friends love to put on nightly plays and marionette performances that she has written.

George Sand: The Total Woman (05:33)

A prolific writer of rich prose and intelligent ideas, Sand never compromises in her life. She has a deep love of all natural things, and is in many ways an artist of life. In 1876, George Sand dies at Nohant in the heart of Noire Valley.

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