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Getting the Right Job (01:25)


After obtaining the necessary education and skills, getting the right job requires a resume and job interview. Having a world-class resume and knowing how to interview allows job candidates to communicate what they know and do well.

Job Interview and Resume (01:34)

The goal of the job interview is a candidate's chance to impress the perspective employer with his or her skills and enthusiasm. Candidates also need a well-written resume.

Creating "Golden" Resumes (03:09)

Wendy Enelow, author and career consultant, recommends having a resume that stands out in a professional manner, uses keywords that pertain to the job, omits job references, avoids spelling errors, and tells the truth.

Composing a Resume (02:27)

Resumes should begin with the candidate's name and contact information. Other items include a summary of skills and experiences, employment experience, and education experience. The resume should highlight the candidate's strengths.

Writing a Cover Letter (01:13)

The cover letter should first state why the candidate is writing. Next, it should include an overview of the candidate's most relevant skills and experiences. Finally, the candidate should write a brief closing.

Job Interview (03:40)

Candidates need to show up on time for a job interview and look presentable without tattoos or piercings showing. Good posture and enthusiasm indicate the candidate's interest in the job. Asking about salary is not part of the first interview.

Post-Interview: Thank You Note (01:51)

After an interview, a candidate should send a thank you letter to thank the interviewer for his or her time. It should then restate the candidate's interest in the job and highlight skills and experiences that were hot issues in the interview.

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Getting hired as a carpenter, electrician, manicurist, or any other tradesperson requires the same professional attitude that all job candidates must show. This video explores essential self-marketing practices that transform job seekers into wage earners, focusing on the best ways to display valuable skills and personality characteristics. With straightforward explanations, helpful graphics, and interviews with job-search experts and real-world employers, the program illustrates how to structure a resume based on skills and background, how to compose a cover letter, how to behave and communicate during an interview, and how to follow up with a winning thank-you letter. Special emphasis is placed on building an upwardly mobile approach, encouraging applicants to display enthusiasm, leadership potential, and a willingness to learn. This is a realistic and reliable demonstration of the steps that lead to “You’re hired.” A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) Standards for Life Work: Interpersonal, Information, and Systems. A Shopware Production. (16 minutes)

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