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Royal Wood Shop (03:23)


This episode of "Made to Renovate" visits an architectural trim business supplying moldings in diverse designs and wood types.

Molding Options (03:59)

Learn the difference between crown moldings, casings, and base boards. Brad Gerrits shows examples of each offered at the Royal Wood Shop.

Installing Moldings (03:05)

Ron Foley demonstrates how to install a chair rail, wainscoting, and baseboard with a level and an adhesive.

Molding Manufacturing Equipment (04:28)

Learn about the process of producing steel knives that shape the moldings, including sharpening. Kiln dried wood is inspected for imperfections and metal pieces.

Molding Manufacturing Process (02:33)

A rip saw uses lasers to sort and slice lumber into efficient widths. German-made machines cut wood into patterns, including curved moldings.

Molding Selection (02:53)

Gerrits demonstrates a paneled application on a curved wall; a paneled ceiling; an applied wall paneling; and an archway.

Molding Tips (01:09)

The easiest way to give your home a finished look is to install a crown molding. Architectural trim trends are becoming bigger; customers request primed moldings.

Credits: How Wood Trim And Baseboards Are Made: Made To Renovate (00:29)

Credits: How Wood Trim And Baseboards Are Made: Made To Renovate

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How Wood Trim And Baseboards Are Made: Made To Renovate

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This episode takes you through the creation of hard wood trim and baseboards, starting with raw lumber, the removal of metal objects, the cutting down of the wood to useable sizes and finally the shaping of the wood into various shapes and styles. The episode also explains how different styles of trim and baseboard can be used and how simple trim can be easily installed by anyone.

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